April 2014 – Third Week in August

Sue, Mary, Neville, Liz, Jennie & Tony

This play was performed in the Morganstown Village Hall from Thursday 3rd April to Saturday 5th April 2014.

When Sue decides to try and get away from everybody on a solo caravan holiday, little does she realize that she’s booked into the caravan site from hell! She is soon taken under the wing of expert but inadequate caravanner Neville . . . when he’s not engaged in battle with his wife or trying to cope with his recently separated sister-in-law.

Matters become complicated with the arrival of the enthusiastic Tony and his sceptical girlfriend Jenny, who has joined him against her better judgement. In an effort to boost ‘camp spirit’, Neville decides that a communal barbecue is the order of the day . . . then things really start to hot up!

CAST in order of appearance:

Sue Helen Blundell

Neville Winthrop, Martin Jeeves

Mary Winthrop, Jane Sinclair

Liz, Hayley Jenkins

Tony, Huw Williams

Jenny, Sarah Jones

Directed by Nicky Webber

Assisted by Sheila Phillips and Pauline Watson

Third Week in August- 2014