Apr 2013 – We’ll Always have Paris

The author is the writer of TV series such as ‘Howard’s Way’, ‘Wish me Luck’, ‘The House of Elliot’ and co-writer of the well-remembered ‘Tenko’.

The title of course is a quote from Casablanca, and being set in Paris, you might expect a rather saccharine romantic story, but no – this is an enjoyable comedy with jokes hitting you from all angles.

The cast is made up of three Englishwomen of a ‘certain age’, away from their home environments, making lives for themselves and forming relationships in foreign climes.

At the heart of this play is Nancy, with a hint of the Hyacinth Bouquet about her. Nancy is a retired head teacher, and has been in Paris for a year and has ‘found herself’ as she is loth to say. She is full of sparkle, funny, confident, and liberated by the life she has made for herself in Paris.

Whereas, Anna, an old school friend of Nancy, who has been persuaded by Nancy to visit her in Paris after years of looking after her sick husband who has recently died, has been virtually a recluse in a large and sprawling house, acting as nurse maid and full time carer. Arriving in Paris Anna is mousey, shy and introverted and intends to stay just for the weekend and that’s quite enough excitement for her thank you. She’s persuaded to stay longer and we witness her transition as she falls in love with Paris.

The trio of ladies is completed by Raquel, who used to be known as Rachel until remodelling herself. Despite being at school with Anna and Nancy, Raquel is desperately hanging on to her youth or at least youthful men!

The three Englishwomen are joined by native Parisian Charlot, an out of work actor and singer, come general handyman.

The cast is completed by the formidable (English meaning – not the French) Madame Boussiron, a tyrannical, curt, officious landlady who is typically French. A small role.

The play was performed in Morganstown Village Hall from Thursday April 25th to Saturday April 27th 2013.

CAST in order of appearance:-

Nancy Zoe Pearce, Charlot Peter Griffiths, Anna Pauline Watson,

Raquel Sarah Jones, Madame Boussiron Kate Greville.

Directed by Nicky Webber.

We'll Always have Paris