Nov 2013 – An Inspector Calls

The Full Cast

A play by J.B.Priestley.

This play was performed on Thursday 21st November to Saturday 23rd November 2013 at Morganstown Village Hall.

J.B.Priestley wrote “An Inspector Calls “, a classic of the theatre, just after the second world war and like much of his work it contains controversial, politically charged messages.
His main concerns involved social inequality in Britain and through this play he encourages people to seize the opportunity that the end of the war had given them to build a better, more caring society.

The characters we see as the curtain rises are not the same as those at the play’s conclusion. The events of the evening change everyone.
Inspector Goole is instrumental in disturbing the harmony: a purposeful, mysterious character who forces the family to confront each other’s social responsibility, snobbery and guilt. But who is Inspector Goole and what is he investigating?


Inspector Goole Roger F Page,

Arthur Birling Brian Willis,

Sybil Birling Pauline Watson,

Sheila Birling Hannah Williams,

Eric Birling Joe Moore,

Gerald Croft Mike Gelder,

Edna Helen Blundell.

Directed by Gill Evans

Assisted by Sheila Phillips

Nov 2013 - An Inspector Calls