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UK General Election 2024

In order to help voters decide who to vote for, the RMA have organised a hybrid hustings event for Monday 24 June 2024 starting at 19.30.

Thank you for the 2024 Festival
Radyr & Morganstown Festival 2024. Text on coloured blocks

We are pleased to announce that, whilst we are still waiting for final totals to come in, we can already confirm over £8,000 has been raised for Alzheimer’s Society Cymru.

Who can I vote for on 2 May?

Thursday 2 May will see polling for the Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) across the UK, including the PCC for South Wales which covers Radyr & Morganstown. For the first time voters in our Wards will need to show ID at the polling station for this election.

Garden Waste Collections to restart

Radyr & Morganstown will see a fortnightly collection cycle of green, Garden Waste, bins from Tuesday 2 April 2024.

Funeral Notice: Mrs Joan Webley
Purple flowers in graveyard

Joan passed peacefully away at her home in Radyr, Cardiff, on Tuesday 13 February 2024, at the age of 100. Joan was deputy head of Radyr Comprehensive School for many years and she will be sadly missed by her family, former colleagues and her many friends.

Community Council seeks Clerk
Powdered wig and fountain pen on notebook

This is a Part Time role of 23 hours per week, working primarily from the Community Council Offices at the Old Church Rooms in Radyr but with some home working allowed, subject to the needs of the Council and with some regular evening meetings.

The 2024 Festival is coming
Radyr & Morganstown Festival 2024. Text on coloured blocks

The Festival Committee have been busy preparing for the Radyr & Morganstown Festival 2024 which will be the 37th time that this annual Festival will run in the first two weeks of May.

Youth Club started at Radyr Hub
Young people around the table

A new Youth Club started at Radyr Hub on Monday 5 February 2024. All those aged 11 to 16 are welcome on Mondays 6.00 until 8.30pm and on Thursdays 3.00 until 7.00pm


  • Waste and recycling collection

    Tuesday 9 July 2024: Green Bins / Garden Waste, Recycling (Mixed or Segregated) and brown food waste caddies.

    Tuesday 16 July 2024: Black bins, green recycling sacks or segregated recycling including blue glass bins and brown food waste caddies.

    See Cardiff Council’s website for the latest information about future collection dates or to order a delivery of green recycling bags. Alternatively, recycling and food waste bags can be collected from Radyr Hub (Library) during its opening hours.

  • Public Transport

    The latest timetable still only sees 1 bus per hour through Radyr & Morganstown and Cardiff Bus are unable to say when we can expect a full restoration of services to previous levels. Here is a link to the current 63 bus timetable.

    Works to create the Metro and electrify the railway tracks through Radyr move onto a new phase from Sunday 2 June 2024 as a new timetable comes into effect. For train from Radyr this includes new routes as more trains use the City line to go into and out of Cardiff. Please check the timetable carefully before you travel for both timings and intended route.

    View latest railway timetable information for Radyr.

  • Llantrisant Road Roadworks

    The latest update on roadworks from Plasdŵr was published on 8 December 2023:

    In summary:

    The new permanent lights outside Clos Parc Radur are expected to be switched on and fully functional before the start of the Christmas break on 22 December. Once the permanent lights are switched on, all temporary traffic lights will be removed.

    Walters will continue working along Llantrisant Road planting the verges and tidying up, but the road will be fully operational while they complete these finishing touches. Some road barriers will remain in place on the filter lanes which will turn in to future development parcels for the foreseeable future until these areas are developed.

    Works on Pentrebane Road are currently expected to begin in early 2024, timings still TBC.

    For any issues with temporary lights please contact the traffic management provider on 01633 853 300.

  • Railway works in Radyr & Morganstown

    Transport for Wales (TfW) have started on works to upgrade the Valleys Lines including electrification, with significant work centred on the Mound Field in Morganstown and also at Radyr Station.

    Late evening and weekend services through Radyr Station (including services on the City Line, the main Valley Line into Cardiff and services up the valleys from Radyr) may be disrupted with some Rail Replacement Bus services running using Radyr Station as an interchange hub for these replacement bus services – resulting in decreased rail options and increased rail replacement bus traffic through the village whilst this work is carried out.

    This week (w/b 21 February 2022) some residents in Morganstown have been notified by letter from TfW that works will be commencing to create capacity for Road-Rail vehicles to access the tracks near Gelynis Farm. This will include some night works but as yet we have still not been notified of an out-of-hours contact for TfW. The Web Team are still seeking clarity on this matter from TfW.

  • Radyr Hub (Library)

    Radyr Hub (Library) has now re-opened the full range of services and clubs/groups are re-starting their meetings in the Library. Full details including opening hours can be found on the Cardiff Council pages on Hubs and Libraries.

    It is also possible to collect recycling bags and food waste bags from the library again during its opening hours without an appointment.

    More information can be found on the Library Facebook page.

  • Development of the Cardiff Local Development Plan

    June 2024 – We are led to believe that the next round of consultations on the Local Development Plan will being in September 2024 but still have not had details of what nature this consultation will have or exactly when it will be launched.

    August 2023 – The draft strategy for Cardiff’s Revised Local Development Plan is out for consultation. Make your views heard on this stage by 5 October 2023. Read more in our article on the LDP or visit the official consultation page at https://cardiffldp.consultation.ai/

    February 2023 – The next stage is consultation on the Preferred Strategy which will set out the preferred level of housing and jobs growth for the plan and the spatial strategy to deliver this growth. It will also identify those Key Policies which will inform the preparation of a Deposit Plan. The Preferred Strategy will now be considered by Cabinet and Council later than anticipated in 2023, with consultation likely to be in the Summer of 2023.

    August 2022 – Due to a delay in the release of Census data required as part of the basis for the LDP, the process of preparing the Revised LDP is running behind the originally published schedule. The consultation on strategic options is still showing on the Consultation Website as scheduled for a 10 week consultation November 2022 – February 2023 but we are yet to have this confirmed as current by Council Officers.

    April 2022 – The Radyr and Morganstown Local Development Group (RMLDG) have circulated a leaflet to over 6,000 houses raising awareness of the issues raised by a revised LDP and some of the candidate sites currently under consideration.

    July 2021 – The RMA have submitted their response to the Draft Vision, Issues and Objectives for the revised LDP. Read more about the review process.

  • Neighbourhood Watch

    Bulletin is posted on the Neighbourhood Watch page dealing with scams throughout the UK.

    Report phishing attempts through Action Fraud – https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report-phishing

    Don’t forget to check out the latest crime warnings from your Neighbourhood Watch team.

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