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Senedd Elections – Are you registered to vote?


On the Thursday 6 May 2021, the Welsh electorate will be greeted by two separate elections, three different electoral systems, and three different electoral boundaries.

We will be voting for our Constituency (Cardiff West) and Regional (South Wales Central) Members of the Senedd. We will also be voting for the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). Whilst polling is likely to take place with strict Social Distancing measures in place, and the results may take longer as votes are safely counted, this is also a special election for many as those aged 16 & 17 and qualifying foreign citizens will also be able to vote in the Senedd elections for the first time.

Registering to Vote

In order to vote in May’s elections, it is important to make sure that you have registered to vote. If you have not registered to vote, you won’t be able to vote. Each person has to register individually. If you have not yet registered, it is quick and easy to register either online or by post.

Register to vote

The minimum age for voting is 16 for the Senedd elections, but 18 for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections. All foreign nationals legally resident in Wales are eligible to vote in the Senedd elections, but only British, Irish and EU citizens and qualifying Commonwealth citizens may vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner election. For any further queries in regards to registering to vote, go to or contact the elections team at Cardiff Council.

The deadline to register to vote in these elections is Monday 19 April 2021.

For those who are shielding or who may not wish to go out to a Polling Station on 6 May, there is still time to apply for a Postal Vote for this election by completing a form and returning it to the Elections Team at Cardiff Council.

The form and details of where to send it can be found at:

Read more about the different ways you can vote on the Electoral Commission website

Deciding who to vote for

Whilst deciding who to vote for is an individual decision there are some tools being prepared to help you to make that decision.

Members of the RMA Web Team are again working with Democracy Club – a group which aims to provide accurate, non-partisan information on every election and candidate in the UK, unbiased and unfiltered. We hope to provide the “Where Can I Vote” widget to this site again in the near future.

The RMA are also organising a “non-selective” hustings on Monday 19 April 2021 at 19.30. This online meeting will offer an opportunity for you to put your questions to the range of parties seeking your votes in the Senedd election.

Foodbank – can you help

Cardiff Foodbank Logo

Residents associated with Radyr Methodist Church have organised a collection for Cardiff Foodbank.

Boxes will be placed outside the following addresses between Thursday 11 and Sunday 14 February 2021. Please be generous with packets and tins of long life foods.

  • 30 Pentwyn
  • 13 Heol Roald Dahl
  • 17 St Philbert Street
The Foodbank would particularly welcome:
  • tins: vegetables, fruit, fish,meat, puddings including rice pudding;
  • long life fruit juice and milk;
  • squash;
  • cereal;
  • biscuits;
  • tea, sugar, coffee;
  • jam;
  • some treats for childre;
  • toiletries: shower gel, shampoo, hand wash, soap, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes; and
  • feminine hygiene products;

Cash donations can also be made. Cash or cheques should be placed in an envelope marked Food Bank and pushed through the letterbox of any of the above addresses.

Its a Rubbish Lot!

The first collection of Radyr & Morganstown refuse in the new Tuesday pattern now confirmed as Tuesday 23 February 2021. Letters to this effect have been sent to all affected households in Cardiff to explain the changes.

The date for the restart of the Green bin / garden waste collections following the winter suspension has also now been confirmed as Tuesday 23 March 2021.

Changes to Recycling and Rubbish collections for Radyr & Morganstown

At some point in February 2021, the refuse and recycling collection day for Radyr & Morganstown will be changing to a Tuesday.

The changes are being made across the City to allow all collections to take place between 6.00am and 3.45pm, meaning that rubbish can be left out on the street for less time. There will be no need for employees to work Bank Holidays, and more importantly no need to change collection days to accommodate Bank Holidays. Collections will take place outside rush-hour, reducing congestion at the end of the school and working days.

The new timetable will also make collections safer for workers and community members as they will be taking place during daylight hours and outside of peak traffic times. Cardiff as a city will have 3 days a week with no residential waste on the street and cleansing teams will be able to focus on other priorities on those days.

Changing the hours also means that refuse collections will also be within the service hours of other contact points with the Council including Connect to Cardiff (029 2087 2087)

When will this be happening?

Cardiff Council are not yet able to confirm the date for this change as, at the time of writing, negotiations with the Trades Union about the details of the staffing changes required are still underway.

The Council have promised that, once the details are confirmed, each household will receive a letter setting out the details of the changes to our routine, a leaflet reminding residents of the correct time and a handy postcard setting out the changes to our routine. The RMA Web Team will also ensure that accurate details are, as ever, posted on your Community Website –


A reminder – other waste services

With Radyr Library closed, other local shops, including the Co-op in Station Road, are holding small stocks of recycling and Food Waste bags. You can also order these from the Cardiff Council website for direct home delivery to yourself or a shielding neighbour.

The trial of Blue bins for the segregated collection of glass remains suspended. This trial was not completed before services were altered due to COVID and the council have not yet decided if this scheme will be rolled out further (and/or brought back for us).

We appreciated the Winter green bin collection of Garden Waste and Christmas Trees in January. Full garden waste collections are not due to restart until March and again the precise dates have not yet been shared.

Finally, a reminder that excess household waste can still be taken to the Cardiff Household Waste and Recycling Centres. The nearest one to Radyr is Bessemer Close. However, you do now need to book an appointment before you travel to the site and the number of appointments per household has been capped to discourage excessive use of this service.


We can do our bit by remembering to – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Update on planning for Radyr & Morganstown Festival 2021

Statement by David Silver, Chair of the Radyr & Morganstown Festival Committee:

Due to the current lockdown situation, and the probability we will not be able to hold gatherings of any reasonable number of people by May, the RMA and the Festival Committee have decided this year’s Festival will be in two parts.

We will hold a Mini-Festival in May where events will be held online, though if possible we would like to hold an outdoor event for limited numbers. This will be held between 1 and 9 May 2021.

We will then hold a larger Festival in September between 11 and 25 where we hope enough restrictions will have been removed so we can hold both outdoor and indoor events.

Tenovus will continue to be our community charity until the Festival ends on 25 September when a new charity will take over in time for the Christmas Light switch on.

If you would like to donate to Tenovus before the next Festival Event then you can do so through the JustGiving page in the name of the Radyr Friends of Tenovus to help us add to our annual total.

Members of the Festival Committee are currently working on the precise timetable for both parts of the 2021 Festival. As soon as details of any event are confirmed they will be added to the Festival Website –

If you would like to propose an event please contact the Festival Committee –

No Through Road at Golf Course Lane

The anticipated “No Through Road” signs have now gone up at both ends of Golf Course Lane.

These are due to be followed shortly by bollards, that can be removed for emergency vehicle access, at both ends of the lane.

Access continues for walkers, cyclists and horses but no motor vehicles are permitted down the lane.


This is the latest in the series of road safety measures to be implemented in Radyr & Morganstown and follows the construction of 3 new tabled crossings on Heol Isaf at the end of 2020 and the introduction of a 20mph speed limit throughout the village.

The Living Taff – Mark Your Spot

The Web Team are working with the volunteers from the Living Taff project to try and tell the living stories that follow our local river.

The Living Taff celebrates all the great things along the river’s journey. The Taff starts in a National Park, makes its way through an area famous for its part in the industrial revolution, and has its estuary in Wales’ capital city. For a long time, people turned away from the river as it was used by the coal industry to take away waste, but the river has since returned to life. The Living Taff project believes that the river can be seen as a way to link the area’s towns, and be a protected place for people to enjoy and connect with nature.

Mark Your Spot

Over its course and its history it is a river that has born witness to so much of south Wales’ history, touching so many communities through its extensive system of tributaries, but what of its significance to Wales’ cultural life and memory? What significance does it have on our local environment, and how is it being effected by climate change?

Since the river has not often been celebrated, we’re looking to develop an archive of stories to show what it has done to inspire. The Web Team are keen that this includes the stories of the people of Radyr & Morganstown and how we have interacted with our river.

What you can do:

In 100 words, tell us about the place that means most to you along the river’s journey, or to tell a story of fiction – something that you can imagine happening or that happened. Your story can be in Welsh or English.

Once you have your story ready you can submit it at

If the river means something to you, and you’re happy to share why, the team would really like to hear from you?

Hear more about the Living Taff

Simon Bradwick, one of the leaders of the project, will be speaking about this project and sharing some of the stories gathered so far at the RMA General Meeting on Monday 1 March 2021. Put the date in your diary and do try to join us for what should be an interesting evening.

Advent at Radyr Methodist Church

Nativity scene with puppets

Advent for the church is a time of waiting and preparation.

Have you seen the nativity scene building in the church foyer starring our puppets? We have just placed it there to raise a smile and good spirits and lots of people have been stopping to look which is great.

The church also had an Advent Calendar window slowly unveiling itself on the windows facing the car park so again if you have not yet seen this do come and have a look before it goes.

Earlier in December, members from the church went out and delivered 350 Christingles in a bag onto the new Plas Dwr estate and around some of the Sidings. This enabled people to make their own Christingle and shed some light and hope this Christmas season. We were delighted to have a large number of people join us on zoom to make them up together.

Advent Calendar in church windows

In-person events at Radyr Methodist Church are currently suspended but services and bible-study are still happening online. All are welcome, for details of specific events please see the Methodist Church webpages or e-mail

Radyr Methodist Church collection for Cardiff Food Bank

Cardiff Foodbank Logo

Earlier in December, Radyr Methodist Church organised a collection of food for Cardiff Food Bank with Ruth on Pentwyn and four new members from Parc Plymouth all putting tubs out for food. The response was phenomenal and we were delighted to meet up in the church car park and hand over such a vast amount of goods.

The church plans to hold regular collections so keep an eye out for when the next one is planned – perhaps you could offer to be a collecting station to gather donations from your neighbours.

This item is posted with apologies from the Web Team for the delay in it appearing on our website.

If you have a local story to share please send it in to


Primary Schools’ Christmas Concert

Bryn Deri and Radyr Primary Schools present their combined online Christmas Concert for 2020.

Thank you to all those who took part and to those who have assisted in bringing this special presentation together.

Nadolig Llawen i chi gyd! | Merry Christmas to all!

How you can dispose of your used wrapping paper?

Presents under a Christmas Tree

Wrapping paper will be collected if presented in Black bags alongside (or in) your Black Bin on our usual collection day for Radyr & Morganstown of 4 January 2020. Please note green recycling bags containing any (non-brown) wrapping paper will not be collected as it cannot be processed.

Our collection days remain unchanged over the Christmas period and the Web Team are still waiting for details of the special January collection of green waste which will include the collection of real Christmas Trees.

Update 28/12/2020 – Special collection of green waste including real Christmas Trees has now been announced as Monday 11 January 2020.

From the official Cardiff Council release:

Wrapping paper often has a very high ink content, contains non-paper additives like glitter, plastics, gold and silver coloured shapes which cannot be recycled. Others are very thin and contain few good quality fibres for recycling. This product is often rejected during the recycling process. In the past we separated it from other material at our recycling facility, but this is no longer possible due to social distancing requirements.

As part of our commitment to improve the quality of material available to be recycled, we will no longer be accepting wrapping paper – unless it is plain brown wrapping paper – in green recycling bags.

We do, however, understand that residents have large amounts of wrapping paper over the Christmas period, so we’re offering an alternative.

If you can fit your used wrapping paper in your black bin or red stripe bag, that’s great, you don’t need to do anything else. Just leave it out for collection.

However, if you have any excess wrapping paper after filling up your bin or red striped bag, then for weeks commencing 28th December and 4th January only, please put this excess wrapping into a black bin bag and place next to your black bin or red-striped bags and our crews will pick it up.

Please do not put anything other than wrapping paper and other wrapping products e.g, bows, string etc into these bags though, as the crews may not pick them up if they contain other household or general waste.

  • You can still recycle plain brown wrapping paper in your green recycling bags, but please remove any sellotape, bows and tags etc to dispose of with your general waste.
  • The bags with wrapping waste which won’t fit into your black bins or red-striped bags will only be picked up on your general waste collection week – same day as your black bin or red-striped bag collection.
  • Green recycling bags containing any wrapping paper which isn’t plain brown wrapping will not be collected. As stated above you can put plain brown wrapping paper into green recycling bags with other recyclables.

If you’re booking a visit to our recycling centres over the Christmas period, please take your used wrapping paper with you. Book your visit here:

If you’re looking for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional wrapping paper, check out our guide here:

Sourced from the Cardiff Council newsroom: 

Cllr Rod McKerlich installed as Lord Mayor of Cardiff

Cllr McKerlich wearing the Chain of office as Lord Mayor

Many congratulations to our local Councillor, Rod McKerlich, who was installed as Lord Mayor of Cardiff on 26 November 2020.  Here is a link to the Cardiff Council News Release.

As reported in our News item in May, Cllr McKerlich’s formal installation has been much delayed due to the pandemic and he will now service as Cardiff’s Lord Mayor until 2022. His wife, Sue, is now Lady Mayoress.

As you will see in the News Release, Cllr McKerlich has chosen Alzheimer’s Society Cymru as this year’s Lord Mayor’s Charity.

We again wish Rod and Sue all success in their period of office.

Update… We have now added the official photo of Rod in his chains of office. We look forward to him being present in his official capacity to turn on the Christmas Lights in Radyr & Morganstown on Friday – Don’t forget to tune in to the YouTube link for that event.

Rod and Sue

Christmas Tree Lighting 2020

Cartoon Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming – but as with many things this year we will have to do things slightly differently.

The RMA have arranged for the usual small Christmas Trees along Station Road. The Community Council have arranged for the festoons of overhead Christmas lights. In each of Windsor Gardens, Granny Park and Lychgate Gardens we will have a large tree festooned with lights again arranged by the Radyr and Morganstown Community Council. The lights may start to be visible once these trees go up but the official switch on, by the Lord Mayor (who is also our local County Councillor) Cllr Rod McKerlich, will be streamed Live via YouTube at around 19.00 on Friday 4 December. Tune in from 18.50 to make sure you don’t miss out.

Due to the current regulations it will not be possible to have the usual stalls and public gathering for the lights switch-on so, we are asking people NOT to attempt to come to Station Road for this event but to watch from home to allow us to ensure that we maintain good Social Distancing… However, do also keep one eye out of the windows as we hear that Santa also has an appointment to travel around Radyr & Morganstown on his sleigh through this evening before and after the official lights switch on. The approximate timings and his route are below.

Santa will be accompanied by volunteer collectors with buckets for Tenovus, the RMA Charity for 2020-21. Please give generously either to these collectors or through their JustGiving Page –

Watch the switch on via YouTube from 18.50 on Friday 4 December 2020 –

Santa’s  Itinerary on 4 December.

Please note that all timings are approximate.

17.15   Ravensbrook,  Heol Syr Lewis

17.35   Ffordd Treforgan, Meadowfield Way, Mae y Gwair, Heol y Cwm, Heol y Crofft

17.55   Ty Nant Inn, Main Road (Morganstown), Bryn Derwen, Cae’r Graig, Pentwyn, Cae’r Graig, Bryn Derwen

18.20   Hazel Tree Close, Bryn Derwen, Dan-y-Bryn Ave, Windsor Ave, Windsor Road, Station Road

18.50 – 19.10 Station Road Lighting ceremony – Watch on YouTube

19.15   Kings Road, Fisher Hill Way, Lychgate Gardens

20.00   The War Memorial, Heol Isaf, Llantrisant Road

20.15   Heol Rufus, Heol Roald Dahl, St Philbert Street, Clos Park Radyr, Llantarnam Drive, Drover’s Way.

(Click on image to enlarge map)

Windsor Gardens Tree a few years ago

TWF and the South Wales Metro discussed at RMA Meeting

TWF Logo and new style train

The RMA General Meeting, held over Zoom, on Monday 16 November was very well attended by all measures (physical or virtual). That was because of the concern being expressed by local residents over the major work that will be conducted in around the Mound Field and Gelynis Farm over the next few years.  Members may already have seen the report of the meeting in the draft minutes sent out last week – we were hoping to be able to share a recording of the meeting as well but unfortunately technical difficulties have prevented that.

For further background, TFW have provided us with a copy of the presentation they gave. They also provided a copy of the draft site plan. Do have a look at those documents to read in conjunction with the minutes.  We also asked TFW where we could find more information about the Metro. They said they were working on a more comprehensive area of the website which will cover Radyr in specific detail but, for now, they suggested the following links: and

As soon as the Web Team receive further information we will share it through

Roadworks on Heol Isaf

Update 05/11/2020:

Notified today that the resurfacing of the Min y Coed section of Heol Isaf is now scheduled for Sunday 8 November. Whilst Ty Nant Road | Heol Isaf will be closed at the junction with Min y Coed, whilst this work is completed it will be possible to get around the works via a diversion around Bryn Derwen.

Work is well underway at the site outside Christ Church but we do not yet have a proposed date for the closing of the road at that site for resurfacing.

Update – 12/10/2020:

We have now been made aware that Heol Isaf (B4262 | Gelynis Terrace | Ty Nant Road) will be closed to all traffic where the first crossing is being installed near the junction with Heol Syr Lewis in Morganstown from 09.00 until approx 16.00 on Sunday 18 October 2020. This is to facilitate the planing and resurfacing of the new raised table crossing being constructed. The footways will remain open during the work for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists. This is the rescheduled works originally due to happen on Sunday 4 October, and then again delated from 11 October.

We have now had confirmation from Cardiff Council that residents’ vehicles “should” be able to get in or out of Heol Syr Lewis.

We have also been notified that Cardiff Bus will be unable to run any services for the 63 beyond Radyr.  The 63 will not be able to service Morganstown, Pentrych or Creigiau on Sunday.

The official diversion diagrams are available below:

As much of a story as we know…

Signs have appeared on the B4262 in Morganstown advertising roadworks on the near its junction with Heol Syr Lewis. According to the signage this work is due to start on 14 September for 3 weeks and will only disrupt from 09.30 to 15.30. The web team have asked Cardiff Council for further details of these works and are still awaiting a response.

Following some investigative work your Web Team have managed to pull together what little information is available publicly about the planned roadworks on Heol lsaf in an attempt to give some early warning of what is happening.

The initial consultation document can be found in the Council Archives

The Council response to the initial scheme consultation held in May/June 2019 can be downloaded from the Council website.

We have also been regularly consulting the Cardiff Council published roadwork schedule.

We did attempt to contact Cardiff Council directly but they have not yet responded in full to the Web Team’s requests for information and were unwilling to confirm any details of what the roadworks actually consist of.

A summary of our combined findings shows that there will be 3 new crossings installed in sequence along Heol Isaf.

  • a tabled zebra crossing on Heol Isaf near Heol Syr Lewis scheduled for 14 September to 2 October 2020;
  • a tabled zebra crossing on Heol Isaf near Ty Mynydd Close scheduled for 5 October to 23 October 2020;
  • a tabled zebra crossing on Heol Isaf near Rectory Close scheduled for 26 October to 6 November 2020.

During each of these time periods, temporary traffic lights will be used during the day (09.30 to 15.30) whilst works are underway. At the end of each period we can expect Heol Isaf to have a portion that is completely closed for a whole day whilst the surface is planed and the new tabled crossing surface installed.

We have also learned that the new traffic lights at the Southern end of Heol Isaf (junction with Llantrisant Road near Plas Dwr development) are currently planned to be actuated in early November.

The Web Team will continue our hunt for sources of information on these roadworks and will update this story as we get further details.


Remembrance Sunday 2020



Thank you to everyone who joined our Live Stream from the Radyr War Memorial this morning and those who have watched it back since. The video is still available at

We are also still collecting photographs of your visit to the war memorial or drawing, colouring or collage of a poppy to add to our Community Collage to show how we remember together event though we are dispersed.

Remembrance Sunday 2020


This year our act of commemoration will be slightly different. As we are not able to all gather at the War Memorial, we will be attempting to broadcast the ceremony via YouTube at 10.45 on Sunday 8 November 2020. We expect the short ceremony to start at 10.50 and last approximately 20 minutes.

Rev’d Vicki Burrows and Rev. Judith Holliman will lead the Act of Commemoration before the bell tolls from Christ Church. This will be followed by the laying of the first community wreaths. You can follow along and join in where appropriate by downloading a copy of their Order of Service (PDF, 141KB).

In order to maintain the social distancing rules, we are asking people NOT to attempt to come to the war memorial for this event but to pay their respects by joining in from home. A small number of groups from across the village will be laying their individual wreaths at times later in the day to minimise contact at the war memorial. Individuals or family groups are also invited to visit the memorial at another time.

Also, please note that, although door-to-door poppy collections and availability at some other outlets has been suspended this year, it has been arranged that poppies for Remembrance week will be available to purchase from Radyr Co-op and McColl’s in Station Road, as usual during week prior to Remembrance Sunday. You can also donate to the British Legion directly through their Poppy Appeal website –

To show that the village is together in remembering the fallen, even though we are dispersed, we are asking everyone to either take a photo of their visit to the war memorial or to make their own poppy (draw, colour or collage) and share a picture of this with so that we can build a collage on this website and share our acts of remembrance at this difficult time.

Watch the event Live on YouTube, Sunday 8 November 2020 from 10:45 –

Garden Waste – Winter update

Update – 28 December 2020

The Web Team have today heard that the special post-Christmas Green Waste Collection for Radyr & Morganstown has been scheduled for Monday 11 January 2020. Please put your green bin out as usual on this date if you have any garden waste to be collected. You can also place your real Christmas Tree out alongside your Green Bin and this will be collected on this date.

Original story

Cardiff Council have announced that Garden Waste collections will be fully suspended over the winter.

There will be no collections in November, December or February. This means that Radyr’s last garden waste collection of 2020 will be Monday 19 October.

A special collection will happen in January for real Christmas trees and any other garden waste – we will let you know the date for Radyr & Morganstown as soon as Cardiff Council confirm it

Fortnightly collections will restart in March 2020

Garden waste can be taken to recycling centres all year around. Remember you now need to book an appointment at

Garden Waste Update

Results of the Radyr & Morganstown Autumn Festival Competitions

Thank you to everyone who took part in the various events and competitions across the Radyr & Morganstown Autumn Festival 2020.

Activity Walk

A number of family groups took on the challenge of following our Activity Walk and returning their answer sheets by the deadline.

The winning group with a full set of correct answers was Gina Baynham and family.

Junk Challenge

Construct an item from junk (e.g. paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, fabric) and display it for all to see.  Entries were out over the weekend for the public to walk around over the first weekend of the Festival.

  • Over 11 winner: “The Grayling” by Menna Roberts
  • Under 11 winner: “Stop the Trash” by Lara Garrod

Junk Challenge - #RMFestival2020

Garden Photographs

A digital photo competition of local gardens or features in your garden, or gardens belonging to others (with their permission). The images can be a whole garden, specific plants, or areas of a garden. We will be looking for originality, colour and quality of the images.

  • First: “Sundial” by Nick Dalimore
  • Second: “Bathtime” by Adrian Hopkins
  • Third: “Lily” by Windsoe Fortt

Garden Photographs - RMFestival2020

No Scout Post for 2020

Cardiff and the Vale Scouts have confirmed that, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and associated risks, there will not be a Christmas Scout Post for 2020. They feel that the present restrictions under Covid-19 make the sorting of post by volunteers impossible.

Cardiff’s Scout Post is usually one of the largest volunteer sorting and posting efforts across the UK, with a delegated system that sees Christmas Cards moving across the whole of Cardiff and the Vale in time for Christmas for only 30p per stamp.

Your local volunteer team from Radyr Scouts wish to thank all those that helped sort the post over the last few years and ask that you continue to help next year when it is planned for Scout Post to return.

Radyr CC Inaugural game of Women’s cricket

On Sunday 30 August 2020 history was made at Radyr Cricket Club when the ladies hard ball team played their first match against Briton Ferry Steel CC. The team had been training together for several weeks but finally the weather was kind and the match was able to go ahead. Radyr CC is only the third club in Wales to have a women’s hardball team and is an integral part of Cricket Wales commitment to women’s and girls’ cricket.

Girls cricket has been thriving for many years at Radyr. Tony Butlin was tireless in his efforts to get girls playing cricket from a young age.  The support of our coach volunteers running taster cricket sessions for our local Brownie units also inspired many of our young girls to try the game. In the last few years the mums, wives and girlfriends of our junior and senior players have been persuaded to ‘give cricket a go’ with great success.  They have been playing in many softball festivals organised by Cricket Wales over the last 3 summers; and even came runners up in the inaugural indoor league at Sophia Gardens last winter.

Behind the scenes many members of the club have been working to set up a hardball team that could compete in the Wales and South West Women’s league. Special mention should be given to Emma Clegg and Becky Thomas who have championed girls cricket at the club for many years and who have worked hard behind the scenes to bring the first ever women’s team to the club and Cardiff!

On the day the team was captained by Lydia Clements, an experienced Wales first team player who has trained with the team over the summer. Having won the toss, Radyr decided to bat. It was a special moment to see the two opening batsmen (Cerys Griffiths and Sophie Thomas) walk onto the pitch.  Both girls have played all their youth cricket at Radyr and are both now part of the Wales girls squads. The team batted well for their 40 overs, the highlight being a score of 67 from the captain Lydia Clements. Radyr ended their innings on 183 for 4.  In reply, Briton Ferry made 121 for 5.  It was fantastic to see that everyone had the opportunity to contribute either through batting or bowling.  The bowling standard was excellent and meant that despite only losing 5 wickets, Briton Ferry were unable to reach the target set. The women were extremely vocal in the field and supportive of each other throughout.  The game was played in an extremely sportsmanlike atmosphere and was full of excellent cricket but also lots of fun and laughter.

The women’s hard ball team is open to girls and women in the Cardiff & Vale area who play their cricket in other local clubs; however, it was extremely rewarding to see that over half the team had come through the junior set up at Radyr. It was also great to have experienced cricket players on the pitch along with women who have recently discovered or rediscovered a passion for the sport. The club look forward to many more years of women’s hardball cricket and are already excited at the prospect of a full season of matches in 2021.

The first ball of women’s cricket at Radyr CC. Carys Mcclean from Briton Ferry CC bowling to Cerys Griffiths from Radyr CC.

Update on play area in Drovers Way

It has been a while since we have been able to publish an update on the (lack of) progress on getting new play equipment installed in the playground off Drovers Way in Clos Park Radyr.

We have recieved the note below from Jamie Grundy who organised the crowdfunding campaign for the new play equipment.

Hello everyone. I wanted to update you on the current state of play with the park and more after delays due to lockdown and (before that) the storms in February:

Although all the equipment has been purchased and ready to install, there is a significant problem with the drain underneath the play park and Redrow have agreed install a new drain to remedy this. Currently we are at a stage where Cardiff Council are due to pass the plans for this work to Redrow. Unfortunately this has not yet happened. This drainage work has to take place before the equipment is installed. I and others have been lobbying behind the scene for this to happen.

This has recently been followed by the following response from Peter Bradbyrt, Cardiff Council Cabinet Memer for Culture and Leisure.
Dated 8 September 2020

Dear Mr Grundy

I am responding to your email dated 5 August, copied into myself and others. I apologise for the delay in responding, but issues around the delays to the playground refurbishment work are complex.

As you are aware recent investigations into the flooding event that occurred in in the playground, in Febuary this year, have revealed serious problems with the draininge system associated with the cover that ‘burst’ open in the playground. It is correct that the CCTV survey revealed significant issues associated with the culverted water course below the playground and open space which is the source of the problem.

I can appreciate the frustration within the local community regarding this issue, particularly after all the local fundraising efforts and time spent planning the playground refurbishment work, but the February flood has changed the perception and risk assessment of the park area in relation to flooding. Officers have given consideration as to how the playground proposals could be modified to allow the playground refurbishment work to take place pending future resolution of the drainage issues, however the current advice si that in order to safeguard the investment to the play area and prevent further impact on the surrounding area, modelling of the flood risk status of the culvert will be required before any surface water drainage improvements or work on the play area can be undertaken

Yn gywir / Yours sincerely

Y Cynghorydd / Councillor Councillor Peter Bradbury

Aelod Cabinet Dros Ddiwylliant a Hamdden

Cabinet Member for Culture & Leisure