Nov 2005 – Kes

Radyr Drama Society performed `Kes` A play about a boy who trains a Kestrel on November 10th to 12th 2005 in Morganstown Village Hall. Kes – by Lawrence Till was adapted from the book ‘A Kestrel for a Knave’ by Barry Hines.

The cast was as follows:

Character: Played by: 
Billy Casper James Staniforth
Jud Casper Mathew Hill
Mrs Casper Helen Windsor
Mr Sugden / Mr Beal Howard Eilbeck
Mr Farthing / Milkman Roger Page
Mr Gryce / Mr Porter Brian Willis
Mrs McDowall Nicky Webber
Mrs Rose Brenda Williams
Youth Employment Officer Pauline Watson
Librarian Anne Marie Phillips
Farmer Graham Pearce
Mrs Fenton Liz Davies
Pupils: David Wood
Nina Wallace
Joseph Alloway
Eleri Windsor
Adam Morris
Other Parts: Members of the Cast

On September 24th, in preparation for the production of KES, the Society visited the Welsh Hawking Centre at Barry. See Full report of the Welsh Hawking Centre and Production Photographs.