Nov 2018 – Happy Families

Dot and Vic hear that John fas failed 11 plus

Performances were at Morganstown Village Hall from Thursday November 22nd to Saturday 24th.

Nothing will lift your spirits more on a cold November night than to watch this play produced by Radyr Drama Society. HAPPY FAMILIES by JOHN GODBER does just that. From the start of the play until the final curtain it is filled with warmth, understanding and laughter. It is an affectionate and appealing portrait of John as his life unfurls from his young teenage years when he fails his 11+ through to his early twenties when he graduates. It’s the portrait of an ordinary family struggling with change, sorrows, tensions and the joys of life in West Yorkshire’.

Most of the audience will be able to relate to so many of the experiences in this family which, besides John, include Vic and Dot (his parents), Jack and Liz (his grandparents), Doris and Edna (his aunties) and Rebecca, Edna’s daughter.

The cast was as follows:

John – Alex Brent, Vic – Roger F. Page, Dot – Pauline Watson, Liz – Nicky Webber, Jack – George Atkins, Doris – Mimi Ferrier, Edna – Chris Collier Roberts, Rebecca – Helen Blundell who also plays Lyn Sutton age 7 years.

Director- Gill Evans.

Jack tells John to fight back