April 2012 -Hello, Is There Any Body There?

The Cast

The play ‘Hello, Is There Any Body There?’ is a farce by Ian Hornby. It was performed at
the Morganstown Village Hall from 26th to Saturday 28th April 2012.

In this hilarious and confusing murder mystery, all is peaceful at Squire Grange. Lady Amelia searches for new ideas for her latest novel with Sir Malcolm and family friend, Freddy. Then the murders begin; a strange visitor is the first victim, and others follow. Inept detectives and local sleuth, Miss Marbles, try to solve the mystery of two, three – or is it four? – murders.

A murder mystery, but not as you know it!


CAST in order of appearance

Lady Amelia Simpson-Squire Pauline Watson,

Sir Malcolm Simpson-Squire Roger F Page

Smalls, the Butler Allan Cook,

Freddy Lyons Martin Jeeves,

Mabel, the Housekeeper Nicky Webber,

Mr. Tim Gordon Scott,

Detective Inspector Sides Sarah Jones,

Detective Constable Fickey Gordon Scott,

WPC Nunnall Ceri Murphy,

Miss Marbles Julia Hallinan,

Producer Dave Burgess, Production Assistant Sheila Phillips.

Is There Any Body There 2012