Nov 2015 – Bonaventure

Sisters Mary and Josephine

Bonaventure‘ by Charlotte Hastings, was performed by Radyr Drama Society in Morganstown Village Hall from 26th to 28th November 2015.

In this play set in the Fens, a flood has trapped two prison officials and their prisoner, Sarat Carn, on her way to the gallows for the murder of her brother. In the convent where they take refuge, Sister Mary Bonaventure is convinced of her innocence.

CAST (in order of appearance)

R05 Nurses Phillips and Brent

R05 Nurses Phillips and Brent

Nurse Phillips…Jane Sinclair,

Nurse Brent…Hayley Jenkins,

Sister Josephine…Pauline Watson,

Willy Pentridge…Fraser,

Sister Mary Bonaventure…Julia Hallinan,

Doctor Jefferies…Brian Willis,

The Mother Superior…Nicky Webber,

Melling…Roger F Page,

Sarat Carn… Helen Blundell,

Miss Pierce…Sian Williams,

Martha Pentridge…Zoe Pearce.

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