Jun 2003 – Visiting Hour

Radyr Drama Society presented the play – Visiting Hour by Richard Harris on June 5th, 6th and 7th, 2003 in Morganstown Village Hall.


PLASTER Directed by Pauline Watson

Eric Roger Page, Helen Zoe Pearce

Directed by Graham Pearce

Old Woman Sheila Phillips, Pauline Pauline Watson

SHOW BUSINESS Directed by Brenda Williams

Fiona June Bowen Jones, Maureen Lydia Bateman

Julia Caroline Williams, Naomi Chris Loring

Mr Darbon Allan Cook, Male Nurse Howard Eilbeck

Newspaper Reader Sheila Phillips, Father of Donor Brian Willis

Mother of Donor Gill Evans, Darbon’s daughter Liz Davies

Darbon’s son-in-law Roger Page, Critic Graham Pearce