Nov 2008 – A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer & the Spirit of Christmas Present

This play was performed ‘in the round’ in Morganstown Village Hall on November 26th to 29th 2008.

Brian Willis took the lead role of Ebenezer Scrooge.

With (in alphabetical order)

David Burgess Puppeteer, Poulterer

Meredith Carson Miss Fezziwig, Narrator

Liam Collins Pickpocket, Schoolboy

Michael Collins Scrooge’s Nephew

Allan Cook Dick Wilkins

Jim Cowan Bob Cratchit, Topper, Narrator

Martin Jeeves Jacob Marley, Narrator

Charlie Jones Spirit of Christmas Past, Peter Cratchit

Kieran Jones Tiny Tim

Sarah Jones Mrs Cratchit, Miss Fezziwig

Ellis O’Connor Schoolboy, Turkey boy

Megan O’Connor Little Fan, Belinda Cratchit

Mia O’Connor Belle’s daughter

Roger Page Mr Fezziwig, Old Joe, Narrator

Zoë Pearce Charity lady, Laundress, Narrator

Sheila Phillips Poultry seller

Nina Wallace Martha Cratchit, Nephew’s wife

Pauline Watson Charity lady, Charwoman, Narrator

Nicky Webber Mrs Fezziwig, Caroline

Brenda Williams Maid, Narrator

Edward Williams Youngest Scrooge

Helen Windsor Spirit of Christmas Present, Narrator

David Wood Young Scrooge, Spirit of Christmas Future

Fiddler Rob Dole

Director Allan Cook

Assisted by Sheila Phillips and Brenda Williams

Christmas Carol 2008