September 2022 – County Councillor Reports

Below are the monthly reports from your County Councillors for the Radyr & Morganstown Ward.

Cllr Calum Davies – September report

Received by the Web Team on 15 September 2022

The Death of HM The Queen

I was deeply saddened by to hear that Her Majesty The Queen has passed away. She was a great leader of the British nation and will down in history as our greatest monarch. Her service and devotion to the people will be an enduring inspiration to us all. I have signed the Book of Condolence in Cardiff City Hall and the one organised by the Community Council. I also spoke in City Hall as the Council was recalled to pay tribute to the late Queen, which can be viewed here. God save the King.

Planning application 21/02465/MJR

In June, I objected to a planning application for the development of 50 dwellings made on the land north of Clos Parc Radur. This has returned following a response from developers. I felt obliged to oppose the application again as it did not sufficiently answer the queries I had previously raised regarding the pressure that could put on Radyr Farm Road that has little capacity as it does and the density of housing. However, my objection did secure a staggered rail/barrier on the access onto the bridleway to improve safety for its users, should the development go ahead.

Additionally, I noted how the developers were only offering around £31,000 in Section 106 money when the Council had requested over £210,000. Finally, I objected on the basis that the sewerage smell issues in the area have not been addressed and, therefore, no development should take place before that is resolved.

I met with residents and representatives of Redrow and Walters to discuss issues affecting the former as a result of the house-building nearby. I was glad to see the developers meet local people like this and accept some shortcomings, although it would have been preferred if this meeting happened earlier.

One Million Mentors

One Million Mentors is a community-based mentoring programme based in Cardiff looking for volunteers to support young people aged between 14-25 years of age. All they ask is for you to complete a brief registration and online training as well as a workshop within 3 months of sign up. You will then be paired with a mentee who you will support for just 1 hour per month for between 9-12 months. If this is something you are interested in you can sign up here

For further information on this fantastic opportunity please contact Richard Jones, Regional Manager – I met with Richard as part in my role as Shadow Cabinet Member for Supporting Young People to discuss the scheme and had a very insightful meeting about how mentors and mentees are matched up. The scheme in Cardiff is short on the former so if any residents feel that they have something to offer, do get in touch with Richard or visit the website.

Planning Applications 19/01023/MNR

I met with local residents on Springfield Gardens and Teamans Row in Morganstown to hear their concerns regarding plans to build seven dwellings at the rear of 30 Springfield Gardens. I believe there are legitimate concerns regarding the lack of parking in the vicinity as it is and that adding further properties in this area would make this worse. I also believe there would be serious flood risks and drainage issues should the development go ahead too. I am minded to object to this application – already rejected twice on similar grounds as outlined above.

Cwrt Brynteg

After being contacted by a resident at the complex, I wrote on behalf of residents to First Port – the management agency for Cwrt Brynteg. Concerns were raised regarding the absence of a fulltime manager there and the consequences of this for residents – e.g. looking after injured residents, etc. I am pleased to have received a reply that ameliorated some concerns and I remain in contact with residents in case further involvement on my part is necessary.

Sewerage smell in Clos Parc Radur

I asked Barratt’s for an update on the progress being made in addressing this issue. They replied:

“We have been topping up the chemical monthly but we have now reached the time that we intend to progress a different strategy with the intention of stopping the odour permanently. At the end of August, we reached the point at which all plots contributing to our pump station were legally exchanged such that, in effect we have full design flow to the pump station. This such that we can alter the pumping in order to flow without septicity and thus without the odour. We met with DCWW last week with a view to providing them the proposed operating details by the end of this week. We would then target the installation and operation of the new operating gear by the end of September. In the meantime, the chemical dosing will continue.”

I am pleased that we are close to a resolution and will monitor the situation to ensure there is no unnecessary delay so residents here can have some peace-of-mind.


I want to send my congratulations to all those at Radyr Comprehensive School who received their A-level, GCSE, and BTEC results in August. Students have had a very difficult two years during the pandemic – indeed, pupils in Wales lost more school days to Covid than any other British nation – and deserve to be commended. Well done to all and my best wishes for whichever route you take in future, whether that be university, college, work, or apprenticeships.

Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones – September Report

Received by the Web Team on 4 October 2022

This has been an extraordinary month to be a Councillor in Radyr and Morganstown. There was a real feeling of an end of an era. Queen Elizabeth II had been a constant in our lives. When she spoke to us, as she did during the Pandemic, we listened. She had our respect. The enduring image I will carry is of her sitting on her own during Prince Phillip’s funeral, carefully keeping to the same Lockdown rules that we were being asked to follow.

As one of your Councillors, I attended the 96 gun-salute at Cardiff Castle in her honour and I signed the Book of Condolences in City Hall. I also attended the Proclamation for King Charles.

Street Surgeries

Despite the rain on 30 September, I carried out a street surgery in Kings Road, Kings Avenue and part of Station Road. The next surgery will be at Cicchetti’s 22 October 10:30 am to 11:30 am.

Redrow at Plasdŵr

Cllr Calum Davies (CD) and I met with Redrow this month.


CD mentioned that a resident in Plas Y Mynach had reported that an HGV vehicle had parked overnight in Plas Y Mynach and that this had concerned the residents. He hoped that no more HGVs would overnight in the area. CD mentioned that the residents have been advising him that HGVs were coming into the established estate to turn. Given that they could turn straight out of the building site to access Llantrisant Road it didn’t seem necessary to use the established area as a turning circle. He asked if that could be stopped.

Temporary Junction Clos Parc Radur and Llantrisant Road.

We both pointed out that this temporary junction was dangerous. I have also reported it to the Council and spoken to the relevant officers. Redrow were also going to see if the temporary junction could be made safer.

If no improvement obvious soon, I will raise the topic again.

Completing the road surface for Lon y Pererinion

I flagged this up. There are residents who have been living in this street for nearly two years and the street surface has not been made good. Redrow implied this was a decision that the Council needed to make but it is normal practise for a council to adopt a road after the developer has left it in a good condition. Will be following this up.


I flagged this up as the signage is not good enough on the estate, although there have been some improvements. Will be following this up.

Section 106

We were advised that Redrow had just released another tranche of Section 106 money. Both CD and myself said we want to see the Bus Service in Radyr and Morganstown being improved and wondered if Section 106 funding could be used. Will be following this up

62 Bus

Currently from Section 106 funding, the 62 bus goes to Rhydlafar to service the estate Goitre Fach. Early drawings show the route as also going into Radyr. This would give people at Goitre Fach access to Radyr Railway station, Radyr Comprehensive and other places along the route, including Pughs in Morganstown and the Ty Nant Court. This seems to be a win-win outcome. We are keen for this bus to loop back into Radyr and Morganstown.

Redrow offered to check the original documents. We are hopeful that there may be an easy solution.

Rubbish from the site blowing over Heol Isaf

A request was made that the site should make their materials more secure, so they were less likely to blow away.  A request was made that following every high wind, a sweep would be made of Heol Isaf to remove any litter blown over from the site. Redrow pointed us to Bellway.  Will follow up.

Suggestion of speed cameras at the Heol Isaf – Llantrisant Junction to make it safer

This doesn’t come under Redrow’s remit. Will follow it up elsewhere.


We are hopeful that Redrow will bring some Christmas cheer and that Santa will be able to find his way through the new estate.

The Sidings

Have been told that the TfW work is less noisy following our meeting with them. Have been advised that the problem has not totally gone away and have reported the current problems.

We have had one request for traffic calming measures


Bethel Chapel

This was discussed in a meeting with the Leader of Cardiff Council and Radyr and Morganstown Community Council. The owner has been approached and it is possible that the problem may be solved by the owner.

Save Cwm Farm

The sale of the land is on hold while waiting for Probate to be sorted. There is a project Coed Caerdydd which is involved with planting more trees in Cardiff.  Need to meet with Coed Caerdydd,

Skate Park

There were bottles and a lot of glass on the skate park last weekend. Local residents have cleared the majority of it up. Thank you all so much.

Radyr Rangers

There is an agreement between Radyr Rangers and TfW towards improving Radyr Rangers facilities on the Mound Field, Morganstown.  I met a group from Radyr Rangers this month to discuss their vision for the club. As always, it is a bit more complicated than it should be. However, the club runs about ten different teams, including girls’ teams and the Club deserves our support. Will be meeting them again in October to discuss the next step.

Springfield Gardens

There is talk of another planning application. Both Cllr Davies and I visited the proposed site and know already that we will both be objecting to the application if it materialises.


Radyr Comprehensive FIRST PRIORITY

The school was asked to accept more pupils. We are not surprised.  It is a very good school. However, although portacabin classrooms arrived, no extra toilets arrived. This is being sorted urgently.

Playground Drover’s Way SECOND PRIORITY

The work needed to sort the drainage out went to tender on 2nd September. The deadline has now passed for tenders to be returned. We have not yet heard whether the process was successful.

The Play area between Radyr Woods and Fisher Hill Way

This was vandalised. Local dads removed most of the damage and children are able to play there. Thanks dads.

Artwork on the Penrhys Pilgrimage Way in Hermit Woods

This has been vandalised twice. It has been restored and will be back up soon. Thanks to those who helped.

Aryan’s Tree in Windsor Gardens

A copy of the tree that Aryan’s friends created for his family has been put in Windsor Gardens for everyone to see. It will be returned to Radyr Comprehensive in October.

Willow Tree Close

Both Councillors have asked if the hedge (now a row of hazel trees and hawthorns)  can be given a crown lift.

Throughout Radyr and Morganstown


No major change as yet but have had a provisional offer that all the buses into Radyr should go as far as Ffordd y Berllan. This would be an improvement to the current situation. Have been advised that Radyr and Morganstown WI is organising a petition, if people wish to sign or help, they can email Mary Pearce and she will get back to them.

Behind the scenes we are doing everything we can to bring a reliable, regular bus service back.


Many of you have reported pavements in poor condition. Apparently, we are down to be looked at in January. There is already a list, Park Road the top side, Woodfield Avenue, Willow Tree Close and Hazel Tree Close. If there are any more let us know. If they are all much of a muchness, then the obvious thing to do is work on a first come, first served basis. However, if there are some really bad pavements, they could jump the queue!


These are done on a re-active basis because of lack of equipment. Do have a look at your roadside drains and work out which way the water will flow if your drains are full. If the water is likely to flow into your house, then let the council know if you can’t unblock them yourselves.


The Police are going to do a Halloween Workshop for primary school children in the Hwb in Radyr Library on Saturday 29th October in the morning. Look out for posters and social media posts for more details.

There are plans afoot for a Halloween gathering in Windsor Gardens with a costume parade for primary school children much like what the village did for the Jubilee Celebrations. Details not yet finalised.

Recycling and the Pilot scheme.

Thank you to everybody who took part in this scheme. I was on the Scrutiny Committee for Environment when the officers discussed the outcomes of this pilot. The contamination rate of the materials being recycled was down to 6% which is very positive. Thank you very, very much. The Council really wants to move away from green bags as they count as single use plastic, and 24 million bags are used in Cardiff a year. So, if we can use a scheme with re-usable containers that would be much better for Planet Earth.

The council had picked up on nearly every point I had been told about when I was canvassing. And they will be looking to sort those problems out and for those of you who noticed that at first the Council wasn’t using a lorry where the rubbish could be kept separated, that was not what the Council had intended. There had been a lorry breakdown issue! Thank you for continuing to separate the rubbish when you must have been wondering why you were bothering.

The Council will also be looking to bringing in a phased recycling process and they are still working on how flats and houses in multiple occupation can join in.


The Leader of Cardiff Council, Cllr Huw Thomas visited the Radyr and Morganstown Community Council this month. He was pleased that we all shared so many similar aspirations. It was a very useful meeting, and we were thrilled he had come to Radyr and Morganstown.

He was shown how close Heol Isaf is to the edge between Maes yr Awel and Min y Coed. This bit of Heol Isaf concerns me greatly.

He also met a representative from the Radyr & Morganstown Local Development Group (RMLDG) and walked along Pant Tawel and into the fields in Goitre Fawr to see why we are so desperate to hold onto this remaining slice of green land.