May 2022 – County Councillor Report

The following report has been submitted by Councillor Helen Lloyd Jones in her role as one of the County Councillors for Radyr on 19 May 2022

Green bags not collected Heol Isaf

Reported and collected

Traffic jam Monday 9 May

This was due to work on Llantrisant Road between Western Ho Garage and the roundabout at the top of Waterhall Road. It stretched back along Heol Isaf beyond Pughs Garden Centre in Morganstown

This part of the road is not in the Radyr and Morganstwon Ward and neither Councillor had been made aware of the work.

The request has been made that both Councillors should be made aware of work on Llantrisant Road in future.

The problem was generated by the workmen correctly only working on site during the day and finishing before Radyr’s rush hour but leaving the traffic lights on.

The problem was reported and was solved by having a man operating the traffic lights so that the traffic could flow better.


Footpath 1

Councillor Davies and Councillor Helen Lloyd Jones sent a joint response with respect to Footpath 1 at Gelynis Farm.

The response asked for an upgrading of the Footpath to be a Bridleway so cyclists can use it.

It asked for lifts to be installed as at Radyr Station so that disabled people can use the Footpath safely and not have to cross the railway line.  It pointed out that the design of the new bridge would make it difficult for disabled people to use it.

It asked for the new bridge to also be given Bridleway Status.

Footpath 42

This is not in our ward but would be used by people in our ward to access the proposed pub at Maes y Llech. It would also be used by those living on the new estate south of Llantrisant Road if they wanted to access Radyr Comprehensive for example.

Response not yet submitted.

New Traffic Proposals for City and County of Cardiff

These have been published in the Western Mail Thursday May 19th. Do not have an electronic version to pass on at the moment.

Any thoughts the Community Council have on these would be welcomed.


Redrow has been contacted and asked if they could reinstate a nominated person as a point of contact for the community.

Redrow has responded positively.  Once details are confirmed, they will be made available to the Community Council.

Issues arising from the building at Plas Dŵr

1.       Smell of sewage along Clos Parc Radur road.

This has been flagged up to the CEO of Redrow, the MP, the MS and the Leader of Cardiff Council. Redrow have responded. They have told us that the pump station and the rising main (drainage network) are not adopted by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water and remain in the ownership of Barratt Homes who are aware of the issue.

To Do. Contact Barratt

2.       Grassed area in front of St Philbert Street.

The grass covers a drainage system.  From the gardens in Heol Isaf, it is clear that the drainage system has not been set in deep enough. Water is flowing into the houses in Heol Isaf when it rains.

The residents of Heol Isaf want the water problem solved

The residents of St Philbert want the grassed area landscaped and fit for children to play on.

A deputation form Redrow visited the St Philbert site yesterday and told one of the residents that they would have to dig deeper and then landscape.

3.       Flooding from Radyr Farm Road going into Plas Y Mynach

To Do. Contact Redrow

Naming of Streets in PlasDŵr

A list of names had been sent to the Councillors.

Deliveries are already going missing on PlasDwr because it is not well signed.

The suggestion was made that Clos y Pererinion should not be used as it would confuse people with Lôn y Pererinion.

The suggestion was made that the street closest to Golf Club Lane should be named Ffordd y Rhufeiniad (Welsh to be checked) the Roman Road because that was what people called the Golf Club Lane before the Golf Club was opened.

Maes y Bryn

The noise from the Motorway has not been reduced.

This will need following up.

Fallout following McColls going into administration

This was a concern as the Post Office is hosted by McColls but the employees have been advised that Morrisons intends to keep all the McColls stores open.