July 2023 – County Councillor Reports

Below are the monthly reports from your County Councillors for the Radyr & Morganstown Ward.

Cllr Calum Davies – July report

Received by the Web Team on 6 August 2023

Replacement Local Development Plan

A formal public consultation on the Preferred Strategy stage began on the 27th July and runs for 10 weeks to the 5th October. The RLDP is a statutory document and a significant part of the Council’s approach to delivering new and affordable homes, tackling climate change and nature emergencies and securing investment and jobs to Cardiff. An important role of the RLDP is to set out how Cardiff will need to change to accommodate development needs over the plan period 2021 to 2036.

The replacement LDP must set out the right level of housing and jobs growth for Cardiff for the next 13 years based on available evidence and identify possible ways of providing for that growth. Further information is available in the Virtual Consultation Room at www.cardiffldp.co.uk. If you have any queries, please contact the LDP Team at LDP@cardiff.gov.uk.

There will be an in-person community consultation event from 6-8:30pm on Wednesday 16th August at New School Rooms, Christ Church, Heol Isaf, Radyr, CF15 8DY. There will be online ones at the same time on Thursday 23rd August and Monday 25th September.

Radyr Train Station

Following a suggestion from a resident, I have impressed upon Transport for Wales the merits of a departures board at Radyr station, preferably by the ticket office so it is visible on arrival. Given stairs/lifts are needed to access the platforms, it would be helpful to know which one to go down to without trial/error. This will be really helpful for those with mobility issues, people unfamiliar with the area, and those running late. TfW have taken this on board and are examining feasibility.

Rail replacement service

Following issues with how the service was operating this spring in relation to parking and turning by the Sidings, I have been told that the service will be in place for the foreseeable future due to the ongoing work to build the South Wales Metro and TfW could not provide a date by which time this work will be completed other than December 2023. They added: “We are exploring options to finish this work, sooner than this, but do not yet have the specific details. Please be reassured that this is under constant review as we complete different phases of the engineering work”.

They have also fed back resident comments about the buses turning in the Sidings to their Road Transport Team, to which they said: “though buses intend to turn in the station car park, there are occasions when they are unable to do so, and they must make the turning in the estate. Please be assured that our drivers do try to avoid this where possible.” I will keep the situation under review.

Radyr Weir

There has been lots of concern regarding the removal of steps that allowed people to swim in the Taff at Radyr Weir. Whilst this is actually in the neighbouring ward, I have made initial enquiries. Whilst I appreciate that these were removed due to safety reasons with the state of the stairs, I am disappointed that there are no plans for replacement. I have stressed that this answer is not good enough and have asked officers to convene the necessary parties to find a way forward.

School transport

In previous years there has not been an available walking route from Morganstown to the Gwaelod y Garth Primary School. However, according to the Council, this has changed following the installation of the zebra crossing at the roundabout linking Ty Nant Road and Main Road. As a result, the route is now classed as an available walking route, putting most Morganstown residences within the walking catchment.

Letters have gone out to parents saying that their child will no longer be entitled to free transport. Parents will also be advised that they will be able to purchase a place on a contracted school bus service to the school, at the cost of several hundred pound each year. I am very disappointed with this decision and have urged the Council to reconsider as I do not believe this whole walk route is safe for young children to travel independently throughout the year.

Meeting with Plasdwr

Cllr Lloyd Jones and I met with a senior representative from the Plasdwr development to discuss numerous issues affecting the ward, and were pleased to receive reassurances on several fronts. Most significantly is that they are hopeful roadworks near the Clos Parc Radur junction with Llantrisant Road will be completed, with new traffic lights in place, by the end of September.

Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones – July Report

Received by the Web Team on 18 July 2023

Please note this is a duplicate of the June 2023 report as Helen had been waiting for key information to be released prior to finalising her June 2023 report.

This started off as a June report. Knowing there were lots of dates for the summer holidays almost finalised, it made sense to wait.


Playground Drovers’ Way SECOND PRIORITY

The work should be completed on the drainage by the end of September. It should take another 12 weeks for the playground to be installed. It should be ready for Father Christmas

Lights in Drovers Way via the Playground towards Plymouth Drive

The Parc Radyr Management Company has received a quote for electric and solar lights. They will be looking for ways of raising the money needed.  The proposals had low lights to pick out the path so they would not affect residents at night and one streetlight as the path enters the footpath that leads into Plymouth Drive. I have asked if the streetlight could be funded from a streetlight budget.

Heol Isaf

I have reported that the hedgerows have reached that time of the year when they need to be trimmed.

Electricity substation junction Kings Road and Taff Terrace.

Fencing panels have been erected to make it hard to go behind the substation.  The gentlemen seen going behind the substation have moved their activities elsewhere. Please make sure your children are aware of the dangers of taking illegal substances.

Bryn Deri

The school has had several building issues improved this year. There is work programmed during the summer holiday.


Completing the road surface for Lon y Pererinion and Stryd Sils ap Sion

Cllr Davies and I have a meeting with Redrow this week and we will be discussing this problem.

Odour at Clos Parc Radur

I joined the residents when one of the Barratt’s engineers came to meet them. It was a good meeting. We were asked if we could wait until they had fitted double sealed manhole covers before we made any more comments. Having listened to the residents, Barratts did say they thought there was probably a problem with the Redrow line as well as theirs but they would like to see what positive difference they could make to their line before asking Redrow to start doing all the logical checks on the Redrow line. The problem is still on-going.

Mobile Library

The mobile library made its first visit to Clos Parc Radur on July 4th

Next visit will be between 9:30am and 12:30 Monday July 24th.

It will also come 9:30am t0 12:30. Monday August 14th It has green recycling bags and food caddy bags on board as well as books. Do call in and have a chat with the team. They will be thrilled to see you.

Police on Clos Parc Radur

PCSO Richard Davies brought a pop-up to Clos Parc Radur in June Several residents took the opportunity to chat with him. He hopes to come to other parts of the ward during the summer.

St Philbert’s

Still have no date for the work that needs doing with the attenuation tank.

Community Engagement Worker

Would love to get funding for us to have a Community Engagement Worker in Plasdwr. It is important that everybody feels part of the community and is proud to live here. If anyone can help with funding, do let us know.

The Sidings

Residents have been asking about litter bins. Have asked for some more.

Have flagged up the problem of river erosion beside the Cart Road. The relevant land is in Llandaff ward.

The Council is in contact with Taylor Wimpey re adoption of the open space. They hope the transfer will be completed soon.

There is Japanese Knotweed below the houses that look over the river. I have reported it but have been told it is not Council land. The ownership needs to be determined.

No one recently has reported problems with the Metro recently. Hopefully all the construction work needed has been done.



Mound Field and Radyr Rangers.

Radyr Rangers and I met an agronomist to get expert advice re the drainage needed for the full-sized pitch this month (July) and have met with representatives of the FAW. Radyr Rangers have met with officers in Cardiff Council to discuss the Club House plans during June,

Litter Bins

Have asked for some in Radyr Gardens.

Bethel Chapel

There is a grant that might be able to purchase and repair Bethel Chapel for the community. I have had talks with an expert who has developed projects in London and with Benthyg.Cymru.

Benthyg.Cymru is a charity that lets people borrow equipment such as decorating tools and then bring them back. There is a centre in Splott. They are interested in having a centre in the north of Cardiff.

Any application we make would need to support of the people of Morganstown.  Applying will be a lot of work. If we get the grant, we will need volunteers. It will take effort to bring life back into the building. But if we could bring the chapel back into the community, there are many Morganstown people who would be very pleased.

Throughout Radyr and Morganstown


There are many rumours about the buses.  BES (Bus Emergency Scheme) that was put in place to help during Covid finishes on 24th July 2023. The Welsh Government has found some funds but not as big as BES towards supporting the buses.  There is a bus strategy being developed. Have being lobbying for a more regular service and one that reaches into Radyr Gardens more often.


I now have a Facebook page Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones


We have been offered bird boxes by TfW. I have accepted the offer, so if anyone would like a bird box, please let me know.

Although I objected to losing Footpath 1 which goes to Gelynis Farm because when the money becomes available for a Halt at Morganstown, that would be the logical place to site the station, there was no easy solution. I have asked if the bridge can have a marked part for walkers and I have asked if the community can retain its right of way in front of Gelynis Farm as it is a very old building. TfW did offer to put a cycleway around the two sides of Mound Field which would make it easier for people to cycle from Pughs down to the new bridge and then across the river to the Taff Trail.

I have asked for some small trees or shrubs to be planted beside the river bridge at Radyr Station and linked TfW with Coed Caerdydd.

Economic and Culture Scrutiny Committee

June’s meeting discussed proposals for tennis in Cardiff and discussion on Pentwyn Leisure Centre. The July meeting looked at St David’s Hall, the Indoor Arena proposals and the International Sports Village.

Environment Scrutiny Committee

The last meeting scrutinised the purchase of new recycling lorries. I flagged up the need for smaller lorries to enter some of our narrow streets.

We have also been involved with looking at the Replacement Local Development Plan which was the subject that came up most on the doorstep in May 2022.

The good news is that it looks as if all the fears we had that our last bits of green spaces would be swallowed up by more development are not founded. The RLDP will be out for consultation soon. Very much hope you will make a point of looking at it and commenting on it. Remember that candidate sites included the Station Car Park, so we will need to point out how that would affect the use of the Metro negatively and the fields on the Pentyrch side of Pant Tawel. So if you want to keep those fields, please make positive comments about how pleased you are to see that the country side is going to be protected in this RLDP. Keep an eye on the RMA website, www.radyr.org  and look for the Replacement Local Development Group page. The details re where you will be able to see the new plans will be there and I will also post them on my Facebook Page.

Coed Caerdydd

Trees have been planted on Morganstown Playpark and Bryn Deri Primary as part of Cardiff’s drive to plant more trees.

There is a bilingual survey https://online1.snapsurveys.com/CoedCaerdydd about trees they would like people to fill in, so please do.


We have had youth workers in Radyr and Morganstown for the last two weeks. The Youth Bus and Pop-up activity are coming to Radyr Station Car Park during the summer holidays. Radyr Hub has the Summer Reading Challenge to read 6 books, collecting prizes as they do so, with a medal and a certificate on completion. Sign up on the web site www.readingagency.org.uk

Also at Radyr Hub this summer:-

ADMIN NOTE: List was provided by the councillor here but has been posted on this website separately so we won’t repeat it again here.

Period Dignity

Free period products are available in Radyr Hub/Hyb on Park Road. Ask for a pamphlet called Period Dignity List. Tick the boxes inside for items needed. Return the pamphlet and wait. Soon a discrete package will be handed over. The Methodist Church also has period products available.

The Goldies

The Goldies return to the New School Rooms Christchurch on August 4th 2pm-4pm. This should become a regular once a month event. They were a huge success in the Festival, and it was great fun singing along with everyone. This is part of the Good Neighbour scheme and their free Friday with Friends regular session. Everyone is welcome to come along.


Enjoy the summer holiday!