February 2024 – County Councillor Reports

Below are the monthly reports from your County Councillors for the Radyr & Morganstown Ward.

Cllr Calum Davies – February report

Received by the Web Team on 3 March 2024

Bin collections / Recycling Changes

I have been contacted by many residents who were recently moved onto the new recycling regime. I have been consistent in my expressing my concerns with the scheme to the Cabinet Member and Environment Committee chairman ever since it was first piloted in the ward. From flimsy bins to storage problems to unfairness for those with mobility issues, I believe the scheme to be fundamentally flawed and will not meet its objectives. I will continue to make the case for improvements in people’s experiences and report any issues on residents’ behalf.

Drovers Way Park

I attended a site visit with Cllr Lloyd Jones and council officers to discuss the potential for lighting on the footpath, including on the route to Plymouth Drive, so people can feel safer and more confident when walking in the dark. This is a central route for those who live in Parc Plymouth to access bus stops, the train station, the local high street, and many other amenities, so this is an important part of my agenda going forward.

Youth club

I am delighted that Cardiff Youth Services have reestablished a youth club in the ward, working closely with the Community Council. It will cater for 11 to 16-year-olds from the ward with activities ranging from cooking, crafts, gaming, sports activities, as well as educational programmes. The first youth club was held on 5th February and it will run on Mondays from 6pm-8.30pm and Thursdays from 3pm-7pm at Radyr Library on Park Road. Young people have had a torrid few years with the pandemic and the post-Covid world not exactly serving them well, so I really hope we see the necessary popularity at this youth club to keep it going. So, I would urge families who wanted a youth club in the area to use it because, otherwise, we will lose it.

Plasdwr meeting

Cllr Lloyd Jones and I attended a roundtable with developers and residents from the Parc Radur estate to discuss issues on the estate. I was pleased that we managed to secure commitments and timelines for necessary works that will improve the experience of those living in the vicinity.

Radyr Rangers meeting

Alongside Cllr Lloyd Jones, I met with representatives of Radyr Rangers and other parties as we aim to realise a vision for the club, particularly its future facilities at the Mound. I will continue to play whatever part I can to make this a reality.

South Wales Listens

South Wales Police have introduced a new community messaging service called South Wales Listens. This will provide updates via email for information relevant to your area including awareness alerts or information on crime prevention, meetings or events and allow registered users to message us back. The Fairwater Neighbourhood Policing team would like as many residents as possible to register and complete a short survey which gives residents the chance to raise any concerns they may have. Registration and the survey can be found on the following link: https://survey.southwaleslistens.co.uk/Survey


I held my latest surgery on 15th February and will advertise my next one in the spring.

Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones – DATE Report

Received by the Web Team on 8 March 2024


Drover’s Way

Still working towards getting lighting for the path that links Plymouth Drive to Drover’s Way.

Horizon will be coming back once the weather is better to address the surface water issue between the playground and the edge of the park. It was expected there would be puddles with settlement of the ground. It wasn’t expected that we would have such a wet winter.

Station Road

We had a meeting in February. Was able to report that two of their worries, a grid around a tree which was a trip hazard and the missing double yellow lines have been put right. A new litter bin has also been requested.

The shopkeepers feel that Station Road needs more light during the winter evenings. It was pointed out that the brackets that hold the hanging baskets were specially commissioned and feature animals on the Taff Trail. The idea has been floated that everyone works together to produce displays of animals on the Taff Trail that can be lit to make it fun for people to wander along the street and bring more light into the street. Early days but watch this space.

Park Road

Have asked for the double yellow lines to be restored. My latest info is that the team who were replacing the double yellow lines in Station Road were on their way to Park Road last week.

Windsor Gardens

Great to see another display in Windsor Gardens for Gwyl Dewi, St David’s day. The planter looked lovely as well. Thank you Merched Y Wawr. Do please tell us if you would like to put a display in Windsor Gardens that will cheer us all up.

Thanks too to Mike Clare for flying the Welsh Flag and St David’s flag at the War Memorial.


Odour at Clos Parc Radur

The meeting on Thursday February 22nd at Redrow Site Offices was useful. Barratts and Welsh Water informed the meeting of the options they have considered to improve the situation. Their chosen option should be in place by May so hopeful this summer will be odour free.

Redrow informed us that Lon Pererinion and the exit from St Johns should be made up in the next few months.



Had a meeting with Amey, (who are the contractors working on the Metro for TfW) Cardiff Council Radyr Rangers,  Cllr Davies was also present. Radyr Rangers need a lease on the land to restore the changing facilities and ideally integrate the facilities with into a Club House. The last stage of gaining the lease has been reached. Once that is in place Radyr Rangers will be able to apply for grants to help them achieve their vision of a Club House which will be available for community use. In the meantime, Amey and Radyr Rangers will work together so that a planning application can be made.

Bethel Chapel

Have asked for an update on the current situation. No further news. This is disappointing. We had looked at funding opportunities which could help but we do not know what the situation is so can not make any progress.

Throughout Radyr and Morganstown


Haven’t forgotten. Some of the RLDP work should be helpful.


I have a Facebook page Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones I post information we are asked to share with residents. Do please follow me. Often given information at short notice and asked to share it with residents.

Replacement Local Development Plan

We won’t know whether our concerns have been allayed until later on this year.


It’s been rolled out. The blue bags weren’t emptied on Heol Isaf last week but this week all has gone well. Residents who have contacted me re not having bags in Windsor Road have received them. Please check your post code to see what system you are and what collection is each week on the Cardiff Council website. In theory if you live in a flat, you will still be using green recycling bags, and they should be available at Radyr Library.

Please put nappies out before the waste collection gang start collecting. This week, noticed one house where at 9am there were no nappy bags outside and at 11am there were nappy bags. Did ask if they could be collected but it means a return journey for the waste lorries and that isn’t fair to them.

Petition to save Radyr Hub/Library from more cuts.

Despite being on the list of libraries/hubs being considered for cuts in number of hours open, the petition has been effective and Radyr’s hours will stay the same. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to collect signatures in awful weather.

Cllr Lynda Thorne who has the Cabinet responsibility for the libraries/hubs came to see us last week and enjoyed listening in to the story telling session.

If you haven’t found the Hub, it’s in Park Road. There are knitting and crochet sessions, Lego sessions, whist sessions, digital lessons (IT skills sessions) story telling just to mention a few. New sessions starting soon Welsh conversation club on Wednesdays 2-3:15 starting April 17th  and Craft session Happy Hands also on Wednesdays 2-4 starting 20th March  And it’s a warm place where you can always have a warm drink. It’s a welcoming sanctuary for us all.


Cardiff Youth Services CYS are coming into the ward and interacting with our youngsters. There are sessions in Radyr Library on Monday and Thursday evening.

Flooding under the M4 bridge

Have found a map showing a ditch in the field to the river and Radyr side of the motorway bridge.  The Council intends to inspect the field and see if there is indeed a ditch which might need clearing. If so, this could significantly help the problem with flooding under the bridge because the water would be able to drain away quicker if the field to the side is not waterlogged.