October 2022 – County Councillor Reports

Below are the monthly reports from your County Councillors for the Radyr & Morganstown Ward.

Cllr Calum Davies – October report

Received by the Web Team on 8 October 2022

Meeting with Leader of the Council

I was delighted that the Leader of the Council came to Radyr to discuss issues of importance to the Community Council and myself. There were positive signs on supporting upgrades to Station Road, increasing the frequency of buses coming through the ward, and the park on Drover’s Way (which is currently undergoing a tendering process). Cllr Huw Thomas and a senior member of the Council’s planning department, who was also present, received a tour of the land off Pant Tawel Lane which the Radyr & Morganstown Local Development Group are concerned could become an area for development under the new LDP. I stressed that the site would be inappropriate for that purpose for reasons such as Plasdwr already being underway and the lack of infrastructure to support it. We look forward to hearing more from the Council leadership on our issues and hope for progress soon.

Clos Parc Radur roadworks

I met with residents in the area concerning the roadworks occurring on Clos Parc Radur. I am concerned about the safe of drivers, especially on the junction with Llantrisant Road. With the winter months around the corner, there will be less visibility on this road that is very busy with both cars and roadworks. Cllr Lloyd Jones and I met with a senior representative of the Plasdwr development to stress the need for better visibility and have asked for information on what they will change to uphold safety. I have also asked that HGVs cease using the junction with Plas y Mynach as a turning point.

Increasing bus services

As promised during my election campaign, getting more buses into the ward is a priority for me. It seems the best way to do this would be to get the 62 bus between the city centre and Rhydlafar to divert its route so it comes into Radyr & Morganstown, doubling the frequency that is currently available and nears restoring the levels of service the ward had before the pandemic. This has been discussed with the Leader of the Council and people at Plasdwr. I have also written to Cardiff Bus to request that they explore making this a reality, especially when this is more cost-effective for them, and am working on securing support from other councillors.

Drovers Way Park

The tendering process for underground works on the park has once again, sadly, proven unsuccessful, with the funds allocated by the Welsh Government proving insufficient to meet the quotes from contractors. What to do next will lie with the Council’s political leadership and budgetary team. I have already – and will continue – to press the argument that a commitment has been made to the community and that this must be followed through. We had hoped that if a bid had proven to be successful that the initial works could have been completed before Christmas, but expectations will need to be changed following the tendering exercise. I know how much this will disappoint people, as it has me, but that does not mean we leave the park as it is. We re-gather and try again.

King Charles letterbox

Following the late Queen’s death, there will be many changes to items of everyday life like stamps and money. Another change would be all new post-boxes bearing the insignia of the new King – CR for Charles Rex as opposed to Elizabeth Regina. I would like the first King Charles post-box to be adjacent to the park on Drover’s Way. This estate does not have a post-box and I believe it would be excellent for the first CR post-box in the ward to be here. Given the works that need completing on the park, the post-box installation – should my request be successful – would need to come after the refurbishment and would be a brilliant addition to the restored play area.

Meeting with Cllr Peter Bradbury, Cabinet Member for Tackling Poverty & Supporting Young People

As the Shadow Cabinet Member for Tackling Poverty and Supporting Young People, I was invited to meet with my counterpart in the Cabinet, Cllr Peter Bradbury for a private scrutiny session. We discussed issues in reference to items in his portfolio, especially surrounding the cost of living and youth services across the city.

I also raised the viability of rolling out youth services in Radyr and Morganstown, supporting the proposals the Community Council put forward in its meeting with Cllr Huw Thomas.

Kerbside garden collections will be collected monthly from October 4th

Cardiff Council have said: “As we move into autumn, kerbside garden waste collections will be collected monthly from October 4th until November 25th giving residents two further green waste collections from their home before the service is suspended during December, January, and February. One-off collections will be arranged over the festive season to remove Christmas trees from residents’ homes, with community big sweep events and the leaf fall street cleansing team continuing to operate over the winter months.

“Throughout the winter, residents can continue to bring their garden waste to either recycling centre at Lamby Way or Bessemer Close by booking an appointment online through the following link – www.cardiff.gov.uk/recyclingcentre or via the Cardiff Gov App. The details relating to the next two monthly garden waste in collections are as follows: Week commencing October 3rd and the week commencing 31st October: Radyr & Morganstown”

Secondary school applications for 2023 now open

Applications for secondary school places to start in September 2023 is now open and families are reminded that by providing five school preferences can increase the chance of getting a place at one of their preferred schools. This is one of 7 tips from Cardiff Council’s Admissions Team, which aims to help families who are applying for a school place in Cardiff. Simple step-by-step advice and guidance is available online and through an animation aimed at children and families, helping to explain how the admissions process works and the importance of using all five preferences available. It also covers things like: the importance of applying on time, by the published application deadline; the benefits of exploring all the schools in the child’s area by visiting their websites and reading their Estyn reports; making sure the application form includes essential information such as if the child has a sibling at the school or any additional learning, medical or social needs. Read more at https://cardiffnewsroom.co.uk/releases/c25/29934.html

Cuppa with a Copper

Just a reminder that on the 3rd Friday of every month, between 4-5pm you can have a Cuppa with a Copper at Pugh’s Garden Village Food Hall in Morganstown.

Written Questions

Ahead of every Council meeting, I have the chance to table five written questions to the Cabinet. I will aim to use up my allocation each and every month to find out information useful to myself as a representative of Radyr & Morganstown but also in my other roles on the Council, including Shadow Cabinet Member for Supporting Young People and Tackling Poverty. This month I asked:

  • What progress has been made on the restoration of Drover’s Way Parc this summer?
  • What scope is there for the Council to support moves for the 62 bus to come via Radyr & Morganstown?
  • What impact will the Welsh Government’s nationwide 20mph limit have on the finances of Cardiff Bus, a Cardiff Council asset?
  • What efforts is the Council making to preserve working farmland for that purpose should plots emerge for purchase and no buyer intends on using it for that purpose?
  • Will the Council consider using the grounds at Radyr Comprehensive School as a drop-off/collection point to alleviate congestion on Heol Isaf, and parking on pavements and nearby residential streets?

Answers can be found here on the written questions section of the September Council meeting agenda.

Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones – October Report

Received by the Web Team on 27 October 2022

The greatest strength that we have in Radyr and Morganstown is that we have not lost the village sense of community despite sometimes feeling that we are overwhelmed with new developments. Tonight, the Diwali lamps were out on the walls of Windsor Gardens and on Halloween the community is putting on a family event. In December we will have a Christmas Lighting Event and rumour has it that Santa will do a recce of the area before Christmas Eve to make sure he knows where all the children are.

Tomorrow I will be listening in to a debate on a motion about the Cost-of-Living Crisis. It will mention the Money Advice Team that Cardiff Council runs, web site  www.cardiffmoneyadvice.co.uk and phone number  029 2087 1071; please use it if you are having difficulties making ends meet. There are more benefits out there than people realise. It is worth asking for advice.

It will also talk about the Warm Welcome Spaces grants (the Methodist Church is setting one up and has applied for a grant)

There is also a Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit which can be contacted on http://www.tradingstandardswales.org.uk/moneylending/ and phoned on 0300 123 3311   If you have borrowed money and are realising that your loan was from a loan shark, you can contact this Unit confidentially and they will give you support.

Please do not be afraid or too embarrassed to ask for help. If you need to use a Foodbank and haven’t got transport to get to the Foodbanks, let me know.

Surgery in Cicchetti’s

Everybody who attended was asking for a better bus service. There were other requests about street lamps not working on Brynderwen by Ffordd Las (reported) and overgrowth (one more lot to be reported) but the common theme was the poor bus service we have in Radyr and Morganstown.

Petition for a Better Bus Service in Radyr and Morganstown

Mary Pearce will be the Lead Petitioner at the Council Meeting in City Hall tomorrow calling on Cardiff Council to provide a better bus service. The petition asks for several improvements any one of which would be welcome. 536 signatures were valid when verified.

Huge thank you to Mary for going out and collection signatures and to all the people who helped her.

Redrow at Plasdŵr

Temporary Junction Clos Parc Radur and Llantrisant Road.

Have been told that the next phase will finish in January and the junction should be working by March.   No one has complained recently so hopefully, the contractors did make it a bit safer.

Completing the road surface for Lon y Pererinion

I have written to Cardiff Council. I have been told today that there is an issue between Redrow and Bellway which is preventing this being solved. Will have to follow up (again!)


Have not noticed any improvement

Section 106

We were advised that Redrow had just released another tranche of Section 106 money. This needs following up.

62 Bus

Currently from Section 106 funding, the 62 bus goes to Rhydlafar to service the estate Goitre Fach. Early drawings show the route as also going into Radyr.  This would give people at Goitre Fach access to Radyr Railway station, Radyr Comprehensive and other places along the route, including Pughs in Morganstown and the Ty Nant Court. This seems to be a win-win outcome. We are keen for this bus to loop back into Radyr and Morganstown.

Redrow has shown us the original documents route map. It did not give us the help we had hoped for.

Odour at Clos Parc Radur FIRST PRIORITY

The overnight rain on Saturday 22nd brought the sewage back to Clos Parc Radur where it was happily bubbling through the manholes in several places. I have written to the Chief Executive of Redrow and of Welsh Water. In fairness, Welsh Water went out to investigate the day they received my email. They have promised me a report by 27th October. They have offered a site meeting with Redrow to discuss the problem.

When I wrote in April to the CEO of Redrow about the problem within 24 hours I had a reply saying that the problem was not Redrow’s responsibility. We wait to see what the report from Welsh Water will say. Just want the problem solved.

The Sidings

TfW continue to work on the Metro. The noise levels have become more reasonable.


Radyr Rangers

There is an agreement between Radyr Rangers and TfW towards improving Radyr Rangers facilities on the Mound Field, Morganstown.  I met the group from Radyr Rangers again this month. To apply for any grant to improve the pitch or make any improvements generally, the club needs a lease from Cardiff Council. A request has now been made for a lease to be given to the club.

Flooding by Pughs Garden Centre

The drains had been cleaned a fortnight before the flooding on October 22 and 23 rd. The men working to clear the flood told me they had found a defective drain when they came out earlier. I have asked for information about the defective drain, which one it is and what the costs would be to repair it. It certainly won’t be put right this winter, but we may be able to have it put right before next winter if the economic situation improves.

Flooding under the Motorway Bridge

This may well be linked to the stream that comes down from close to the Water Tower by the Golf Club and which we know flows under Brynderwen at times. We think it links to the river by going through the field next to the road.  Have asked for this to be checked because if the water is backing up in the field there is no way the drains under the bridge can take the water away fast enough.


Radyr Comprehensive

Have been advised that the promised toilets will arrive before the end of October.

Playground Drover’s Way SECOND PRIORITY

The work needed to sort the drainage out went to tender on 2nd September. The tenders came back for a price that means an extra £120 K is needed to sort the drainage out.. Will continue to lobby for the play area.

Artwork on the Penrhys Pilgrimage Way in Hermit Woods

This is back up. (It had been vandalised) Do go and enjoy the excellent work done by pupils of Radyr Comp.

Radyr Woods Wardens

They held a working party on Saturday 22nd. Their page is on the Community Web Site https://radyr.org.uk/clubs/radyr-woods/  with the dates of the next working party. Do join them. Thank you, wardens, for keeping our woods so pleasant.

Planning Application Pentwyn

I attended a site visit re the planning application for 43 Pentwyn.

Throughout Radyr and Morganstown


Behind the scenes we are doing everything we can to bring a reliable, regular bus service back. We hope the petition will help focus Cardiff Bus Company’s minds.


Many of you have reported pavements in poor condition. Apparently, we are down to be looked at in January.


These are done on a re-active basis because of lack of equipment. Do have a look at your roadside drains and work out which way the water will flow if your drains are full. If the water is likely to flow into your house, then let the council know if you can’t unblock them yourselves.


The Police are going to do a Halloween Workshop for primary school children in the Hwb in Radyr Library on Saturday 29th October in the morning at 10:30 am

There is a Halloween Oct 31st gathering in Windsor Gardens with a costume parade for primary school children similar to the Jubilee Celebrations, starting at 6:30 and finishing by 9:00 Hope it will be an enjoyable evening. Thank you to the Radyr and Morganstown Community Council and to the Radyr and Morganstown Association for helping us put on the event. Also thank you to Radyr Comp who are decorating pumpkins for us, to the volunteers who have offered to come along and especially a big thank you to Allan Cook who offered to make it happen on the night!

Recycling and the Pilot scheme.

We are about to have more houses included into the recycling scheme. The Waste Management team have offered to come and talk to groups about the scheme. I have passed contact details to the RMA and will be passing them to the Wis.

They were very impressed with the difference we made to reducing the contamination rates. They want you to know they did take on board your feedback re the design of bags. In the short term, there isn’t the money to buy a new design, but they are looking at other options and will trial them as they can afford to buy some.

They are able to buy a purpose-built lorry to collect the rubbish. But again, not enough to roll the scheme out immediately across Cardiff.

They stressed that this is work in progress and they would be really grateful if you could continue to give them feedback and they are trying to work out how they stop the bags floating off down our hills.


Have reported a lot of overgrowth. The roundabout at Barnfield Drive now looks shaved, but it will grow back. Do report it yourselves as well.

Green Bins

Many of you have pointed out that our last green bin collection before the New Year is way too early for the leaf fall we have. Most of the leaves in our garden are still firmly attached to the trees. I have pointed this out and will be doing so again.


It was good to read on the Western Mail and Wales On-Line about the population figures and the growth rate in Cardiff being such that there is no need to carry out any more development on green field sites. The article was written by our Radyr and Morganstown Local Development Plan Group and was well set out. The group always welcomes anyone interested in joining them. Contact them using RMLDGroup@radyr.org.uk

Hot off the press! Mary Pearce at City Hall with the Bus petition. She did us proud!