August 2022 – County Councillor Reports

Below are the monthly reports from your County Councillors for the Radyr & Morganstown Ward.

Cllr Calum Davies – August report

Recieved by the Web Team on 18 August 2022

Drover’s Way Park

While I had hoped that drainage works under the park could be undertaken soon, with a working park in place by the end of the summer holidays, sadly this will not be the case. No local contractors have the resource to undertake the work and when the job went out to tender, no bids came within the budget limit. As such, the Council has gone back out to tender with construction looking to commence the beginning of September. Further internal discussions around financing should the tender submissions be exceeded again. I will continue to press the Council to find the solutions that will get this job done. I was pleased that this issue was reported on Wales Online as has my work on the matter so far, holding the Council to account in written questions.

Meeting with Radyr & Morganstown Local Development Group

In July’s full council meeting, I secured agreement from Leader Cllr Huw Thomas to meet with RMLDG who are doing an excellent job at planning to defeat any plans to build on the ward’s last patch of green space. I questioned the Council how they could boast about plans to make Cardiff a green city when local communities will be left to fend for themselves against developer plans to concrete over green land and cutting down hedgerows. Watch the exchange here.

Bus services

I have sadly received quite a few complaints regarding the unreliable nature of buses in the ward over the last month, including dismay at the summer timetable. I have passed these on directly to senior figures at Cardiff Bus which will hopefully lead to quick progress in some areas like sign-posting. However, the long-term ambition to restore bus services will be a longer fight. I ask residents to use the bus as much as they can as it will help me make the business case for more services. While I agree with residents that this should already be the case, this is environment which we have to operate in.

Additionally, Cardiff Bus service changes taking effect from 4th Sept 2022 can be found here. I’m disappointed at the lack of frequency of the 63 bus and will continue to work on increasing it. As I tell the Council, more buses mean more customers so, hopefully, the more residents use it, the more we’ll get.

HGVs on Heol Isaf

I have received numerous reports of HGVs on Heol Isaf despite the restrictions on them travelling through the ward. Although there was no intelligence on where they were heading, I have been in touch with contacts at Redrow in case they were headed towards the works at Plasdwr. While driver error can happen, Redrow say they will write to all construction parties and reinforce the message. They also ask if the residents do have information about the vehicles or end location, they will take it up with individual contractors. So do get in touch with me at if you do.

Yellow lines on Drysgol Road

As detailed in previous reports, I asked the Council to consider whether the brow of the hill on Drysgol Road should be a double-yellow line strip of road. They have responded:

“An initial assessment of the police injury-collision records indicates that there is no significant safety problem at this location and therefore this does not meet our criteria for a detailed investigation. However, we understand concerns and will add this location to our database as an Area of Concern. This will be reviewed and taken into consideration if nearby road safety issues arise, or alternative funding and resource becomes available. We would like to assure that feedback and information of this nature is very useful and is taken seriously. In the meantime, we do appreciate the difficulties that may occur on occasions when drivers are unreasonable and any actual obstruction can be dealt with under existing legislation by the Police and specific incidents may be reported direct on telephone number 101, the non-emergency number.”

Meeting with local police

Cllr Lloyd Jones and I met with PSCOs Jen Alcock and Richard Davies to discuss crime in the area. We received and exchanged information about local challenges from anti-social behaviour to traffic enforcement. They also asked us pass on the message that Cuppa with a Copper remains an opportunity for people to inform them of any issues that affect you. They are in Pugh’s Food Hall from 4pm until 5pm on the third Friday of each month. Do get in touch with them if needed. We were also informed that South Wales Police are consulting on whether to continue with PACT meetings to see if there are sufficient or better way to communicate with communities.

Morganstown Village Hall Sign

Following on from my request to the Council regarding moving this sign so that is better indicates where the turning for the Village Hall actually is. I’m informed that a bilingual sign is currently with the manufacturers.

Road markings on Station Road

I have reported faded road markings on the lower part of Station Road as an increasing number of people are parking on this narrow road (hence it is one way) and hope to see progress soon to prevent congestion in the centre of Radyr.

Licensing of new vicars

I attended the licensing of the new Ministry leader and vicars at Christ Church in July. Rev. Ian Yemm was licensed as a vicar in the Garth Ministry Area and will have responsibility for Christ Church in Radyr and St John’s church in Danescourt as part of the Ministry Area team. Rev. Steve Wilson was licensed as Ministry Area Leader and Rev. Sandra Birdsall as a vicar. Rev. Ruth Coombs will be licensed as a vicar and Jennie Willson will be licensed as a Lay Minister at a future date. I look forward to working them during my term of office.

Written Questions

Ahead of every Council meeting, I have the chance to table five written questions to the Cabinet. I will aim to use up my allocation each and every month to find out information useful to myself as a representative of Radyr & Morganstown but also in my other roles on the Council, including Shadow Cabinet Member for Supporting Young People and Tackling Poverty. This month I asked:

  • ·         Can the Cabinet member provide an update on the restoration of Parc Radur on Drover’s Way?
  • ·         Is the Council encouraging schools to procure the book “Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Jubilee Celebration”?
  • ·         What support is the Council giving to residents to establish youth groups and clubs?
  • ·         How much Section 106 money is available to Radyr & Morganstown and from which developments do they originate?
  • ·         Since its installation how many fines have been issued to HGV operators as a result of the camera on Ty Nant Road and how much money has been raised?

Answers can be found here on the written questions section of the June Council meeting agenda.

Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones – August report

Recieved by the Web Team on 31 August 2022


Congratulations to the pupils in Radyr and to the staff in Radyr Comprehensive. Radyr Comp had 15 students, who had 12 or more A* at GSCE an outstanding achievement and 74% had 5 of more A* to C grades.

At A level 61% had A* to A in at least 3 A levels, and 17 students had 3 or more A*s.

The grapevine is also telling us that those of our youngsters who are in other schools in Cardiff have also done very well. Congratulations to you all. We wish you every success in the future.

For those of you who didn’t get what you had hoped for, please don’t worry. Sometimes Life gets in the way, but Life does work out. Always used to point out to my children that we loved our dog just because we loved him, and he hadn’t passed any exams. It’s really important to remember that we are all special.

You do have choices. Try again or have a look around for other options. The site below may be helpful.

What’s Next? – ‘Get Job Ready’ Opportunities (

Street Surgeries

The next one will be on September 30th at 2.00 pm. It will be in the Kings Road, Windsor Crescent and Station Road area. We (possibility of Mark Drakeford and /or Kevin Brennan may join me) will be meeting up in Windsor Gardens before we start. You are welcome to find us there.

Redrow at Plasdŵr

The intention is to have another meeting with Redrow in September with both Councillors.

1. Smell of sewage along Clos Parc Radur road. FIRST PRIORITY

We are delighted that pipework has been replaced and that the new pipework is lined. We very much hope that this problem is solved.

2. Grassed area in front of St Philbert Street. THIRD PRIORITY

The grass has been cut but we have not heard whether there has been any change to the attenuation tanks under the grass. I have met the relevant council official

3. Signage

Several of the residents have complained. The signage is poor, sometimes non-existent, sometimes incomplete and sometimes pointing in the wrong way. I have written to Redrow and Bellway to ask for the signage to be improved.

4. Restoration of road surface on Radyr Farm Road.

No change here.

5. Road surfaces not made up on the estate, such as at Clos y Fwyalchen Wen

No action point discussed. Need to follow up.

6. Rubbish from the site blowing over Heol Isaf

A request was made that the site should make their materials more secure, so they were less likely to blow away.

A request was made that following every high wind, a sweep would be made of Heol Isaf to remove any litter blown over from the site.

The request to do a litter sweep following high winds was accepted. Not yet happening automatically. Irritatingly since this continues to be an annoyance to the community.

The Sidings

Councillor Tyrone Davies Chair of Radyr and Morganstown Community Council and who is also a resident of Fisher Hill came with me on August 18th to meet representatives from TfW and Amey the lead contractor and some residents being affected by the work at Fisher Hill.

The meeting was productive.  The Principal Contractor Manager for AMEY made several very constructive comments, following input from everyone present which the Project Manager will implement.

So far, since then I have not received any more complaints about the noise and the problems. Hopefully the contractors will continue to be more considerate.


Maes y Bryn

Maes y Bryn suffers from noise coming from the M4. No further developments since June

Bethel Chapel

No further progress since June

Save Cwm Farm

The sale of the land is on hold while waiting for Probate to be sorted.

There is a project Coed Caerdydd which is involved with planting more trees in Cardiff.

The meeting with Coed Caerdydd in July was cancelled. Hope to reschedule it for September or early October.There is no funding for buying land from the project. I have also contacted another company to discuss the possibility of an environment grant.

The Save the Cwm Farm group has written to the Estate Agent who was dealing with the sale to express the community’s interest in the land and to establish exactly what the situation is.

Save the Cwm Farm group could use this period of time to set themselves up as a charity so they can apply for large grants.

Concerns with the use of Gelynis Farm Lane by Enormous Low Loaders

Cllr Davies and I have met with TfW and hopefully this has now been addressed. We have had no further feedback from residents.

Fence between M4 and Maes y Crofft

This is deteriorating and in places collapsed. It has been reported. It is now on Cardiff Council’s to do list.


Cherry Trees Windsor Crescent

No progress on this at present. Now in this dry weather is not a good time to plant a tree.

Cherry Tree Dan y Bryn Avenue

There is a trunk of a cherry tree where the path goes into Dan y Bryn Woods. Have asked if it can be removed and replaced by a young cherry.

Fence down on Radyr Farm Lane by entry to Plas Y Mynach

Reported. It is still down.

Land Parcel between Ash Tree Close and Walnut Tree Close

Several issues, all reported. Some to do with the footpath, some to do with overgrowth and one to do with keeping the stream flowing properly. Have had the opportunity of showing this parcel of land with the stream to officers who are involved with this type of issue.

Mud and Overgrowth on Golf Club Lane

Reported. Have been told it is going to be cut back. Part by the Golf Club is done, probably by the Golf Club. Thank you. Think a lot of walkers are cutting overhanging brambles back themselves.

Playground Drover’s Way SECOND PRIORITY

Have been advised that the work needed to sort the drainage out in the park will go to tender either 2nd or 9th September.

Woodfield Avenue and Lime Close

Residents are concerned that the traffic during school hours is making it impossible for emergency vehicles to enter the Avenue. The police have advised us that elsewhere in Cardiff near schools cameras are being used to take the number plates of the vehicles entering the lanes by the schools. Vehicle owners who are not linked with the lanes are then contacted by the police. I have asked if this scheme could be considered for Woodfield Avenue and Lime Close.

Throughout Radyr and Morganstown


No major change as yet but have had a provisional offer that all the buses into Radyr should go as far as Ffordd y Berllan. This would be an improvement to the current situation. Have been advised that Radyr and Morganstown WI is organising a petition, if people wish to sign or help, they can email Mary Pearce and she will get back to them.