July 2022- County Councillor Reports

Below are the monthly reports from your County Councillors for the Radyr & Morganstown Ward.

Cllr Calum Davies – June report

Recieved by the Web Team on 15 July 2022

Meeting with Cardiff Bus

As a non-executive director of Cardiff Bus, I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet with senior staff to introduce new board members to the organisation. We discussed the challenges and opportunities ahead. While the role must treated as separate to that of a ward councillor, the position will allow me greater insight into the working of Cardiff Bus and help me in the latter role to make the case for greater bus provision in Radyr and Morganstown.

Meeting with TfW

Cllr Lloyd Jones and myself met with representatives of Transport for Wales for a briefing on the works they are undertaking for the rollout of the South Wales Metro across existing rail routes that go through the ward. I raised concerns regarding noise near residential properties and accessibility for the new bridge that is to be built as a replacement for the crossing by Gelynis Farm. Assurances were given regarding informing residents about works near their homes and keeping works intensive in order to complete them in short a time as possible. However, further clarification is needed over the issue of the bridge. We also discussed the future of the clubhouse at Radyr Rangers when works have completed on in the area where temporary ones are located.

Planning application 21/02465/MJR

A planning application for the development of 50 dwellings (use class c3) including affordable homes, pedestrian and vehicular access, sustainable urban drainage, landscaping, infrastructure and associated engineering work location has been made for the land north of Clos Parc Radur. Cllr Lloyd Jones and I objected on the basis that the sewerage smell issues in the area have not been addressed and, therefore, no development should take place before that is resolved.

Following correspondence from nearby residents, I also reiterated the previous objections of former-councillor McKerlich regarding the pressure that could put on Radyr Farm Road that has little capacity as it does, the density of housing, and the threat to ancient hedgerows.

Planning application 22/00830/MJR

Regarding a planning application to build a park on the new Redrow development south of Llantrisant Road, I have asked the Council to put assurances in place that guarantee the developers replace the contents of the park when they reach the end of their life cycle. This comes after the Parks Department highlighted the short lifespan of materials used (10 years for timber). Although the developer stated in its response that this would be the case, I have asked whether legally binding agreements will see the developer held to this and whether this is a one-off or whether they will have to do this many times over.

Planning application 20/00187/MJR

Developers have altered plans to develop the land off De Braose Close in Danescourt Woods. I have objected on the basis that little has changed from previous application and, therefore, the previous concerns of the community and those nearby have not been addressed. This includes protecting green areas and encouraging active travel – both Council and Welsh Government objectives that would be undermined should this application be granted – as well as accessibility to Radyr High.

Double yellow lines

Following concerns from residents and the agreement of the Community Council, I have asked the Council to consider establishing double yellow lines at the brow of Drysgol Road as it merges with Bryn Derwen as people sometimes park here despite poor visibility.

Morganstown Village Hall Sign

In my previous report, I detailed my request that the village hall sign is moved to a more appropriate location after residents reported it sent some up a private driveway. The Council said:

“We hope new signs will be installed in the next two months. Our Lead Officer has been to Morganstown to investigate and the existing sign will need to be removed and a new sign designed and fabricated. The pavement in front of the cottages presents difficulties for the alternative placement of this sign as it is full of utilities but the Officer is looking for a suitable spot.

“The advanced warning sign from the other approach also seems to be missing and two signs back-to-back immediately opposite the junction of Heol Syr Lewis need to be designed and made We will prioritise the installation of these signs once they can be designed and fabricated.”

Bin on Windsor Avenue

In my previous report, I noted that a bin on Windsor Avenue had gone missing and asked the Council if it had been moved, possibly to Ffordd Las. The Council replied saying they did not have an explanation as to why the bin in Windsor Avenue was removed, assuming it was due to vandalism. The bin has now been replaced and the bin at Fforde Las has been secured into place.

Children and Young People Committee

I attended my first meeting of the Committee, scrutinising officers on the Council’s plans to deliver additional learning needs and emotional wellbeing education, as well as the expansion of Pentyrch School. Here, I asked questions regarding staffing and transport, particularly the issue of congestion around the school in Pentyrch.

Written Questions

Ahead of every Council meeting, I have the chance to table five written questions to the Cabinet. I will aim to use up my allocation each and every month to find out information useful to myself as a representative of Radyr & Morganstown but also in my other roles on the Council, including Shadow Cabinet Member for Supporting Young People and Tackling Poverty. This month I asked:

  • Will the cabinet member update the Council on progress being made to restore Parc Radur on Drovers Way, including a timeline for completion?
  • When are the promised schools scheduled to open in the Plasdwr development and have there been any delays that would affect this?
  • What action is the Council taking to address the effects of coronavirus control measures on young people in Cardiff?
  • How many potholes have been filled in the Radyr & Morganstown ward in each of the last five years?
  • What assessment has been made of the decision to reduce bus services that serve Radyr & Morganstown?

Answers can be found on the written questions section of the June Council meeting agenda (PDF).

Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones – July report

Recieved by the Web Team on 15 July 2022

Councillor Duties

Every councillor is expected to take an interest in some of the activities involved with the work of Cardiff Council.

I am on the Environment Scrutiny Committee and the Economy and Culture Scrutiny Committee.

I also represent Cardiff Council on the Willie Seager Memorial Homes Trust whose offices are in Morganstown.

Pension Credit

This is worth checking out, you may be entitled to it if you have a disability, or you care for someone or are looking after young children. You can get help for several things including NHS dental treatment, glasses and help towards transport costs to hospital appointments. The Pension Service Helpline in 0800 731 0469 The web address for Pension Credit is www.gov.uk/pension-credit

Redrow at Plasdwr

Smell of sewage along Clos Parc Radur road. FIRST PRIORITY

We are aware that the system is being managed better. Neither Cllr Davies nor I have received complaints about the smell for the last two weeks. Hopefully, all will now work properly.

Please inform me, if the smell returns.

Grassed area in front of St Philbert Street. THIRD PRIORITY

Not aware of any progress on this since June.


The signage for Plasdwr is poor. Deliveries are going missing. Emergency vehicles would have difficulties finding a specific house. No action point discussed. No signs! Of improvement during June. Need to follow up.

Restoration of road surface on Radyr Farm Road

There are plans to tarmac this from Clos Parc Radur to Heol Isaf. Been advised that this work will not be done until the work at St Philbert Street is completed.

Road surfaces not made up on the estate, such as at Clos y Fwyalchen Wen

No action point discussed. Need to follow up

Rubbish from the site blowing over Heol Isaf

A request was made that the site should make their materials more secure, so they were less likely to blow away.

A request was made that following every high wind, a sweep would be made of Heol Isaf to remove any litter blown over from the site.

The request to doing a litter sweep was accepted. Not yet happening automatically.

The Sidings

There have been several complaints from residents about the noise from the construction work at night on the Metro. These have been passed on to TfW. Both Councillors met TfW’s Stakeholder Manager, TfW’s Community Engagement Officer and representatives of Amey 14th July at the Mound Field. We are aware that TfW is trying to reduce the level of activity at Fisher Hill Way. However, there will be a block of work happening starting weekend July 16th.


Maes y Bryn

Maes y Bryn suffers from noise coming from the M4. No further developments since June

Bethel Chapel

No further progress since June

Save Cwm Farm

The sale of the land is on hold while waiting for Probate to be sorted.

There is a project Coed Caerdydd which is involved with planting more trees in Cardiff. I have met with the officer and have arranged to meet him in Morganstown at the end of July. There is no funding for buying land from the project. I have also contacted another company to discuss the possibility of an environment grant.

The Save the Cwm Farm group has written to the Estate Agent who was dealing with the sale to express the community’s interest in the land and to establish exactly what the situation is.

Concerns with the use of Gelynis Farm Lane by Enormous Low Loaders

Cllr Davies and I have met with TfW and hopefully this has now been addressed.

Fence between M4 and Maes y Crofft

This is deteriorating and in places collapsed. It has been reported. It is now on Cardiff Council’s to do list.


Wandering Litter Bin, Windsor Avenue

We have had a new bin at Windsor Avenue and the wandering bin has been given a permanent home in Ffordd Las where it had decided to stop.

Cherry Trees Windsor Crescent

Transplanting the one cherry was considered but was not an option. It has a fungal disease in its trunk. Two trees will be taken out and they will both be replaced.

Cherry Tree Dan y Bryn Avenue

There is a trunk of a cherry tree where the path goes into Dan y Bryn Woods. Will ask if it can be removed and replaced by a young cherry.

Fence down on Radyr Farm Lane by entry to Plas Y Mynach


Land Parcel between Ash Tree Close and Walnut Tree Close

Several issues, all reported. Some to do with the footpath, some to do with overgrowth and one to do with keeping the stream flowing properly.

Mud and Overgrowth on Golf Club Lane

Reported. Not yet sorted. People are welcome to download and use Cardiff Gov App to report problems to Cardiff Council. The Golf Club Lane counts as an adopted highway if anyone wants to report the overgrowth.

Playground Drover’s Way SECOND PRIORITY

Heartbreakingly there has been no progress here because although the drainage work went out for tender, that did not return a good result. The Council is actively trying to find a contractor to do the work.

Throughout Radyr and Morganstown


Have continued to flag up the need for a Bus Stop at Radyr Station.

Have requested that the 62 be diverted to go to Ffordd y Berlan rather than to Rhydlafar as Rhydlafar is currently being served every 15 mins by the 122 Cardiff to Tonypandy bus.

Discovering that what seem like simple and easy solutions are not always possible quickly because of legal restraints. Will keep pushing for improvements to the bus service.

Issues outside the Ward which affect the Ward

Danescourt Woods

Developers have made an amendment to the previous planning application to build in Danescourt Woods. This is a strip of land that acts as a green corridor along side the river for wildlife. It is very well used by people from Radyr and Morganstown as a quicker walking route to Cardiff than using the Taff Trail. There are many reasons why this development should not be allowed. The Community Council has objected to each application made over the last few years.

Have objected to this.

Footpath 42

Following a site visit, I retracted my objection to the loss of part of the Footpath as there will be streets in the Plasdwr estate that individuals can walk along

Aryan Ghonyia

Sadly, Aryan a pupil in Radyr Comprehensive drowned in the Taff 21st June this year. He was with some of his friends playing in the river having fun. We are not sure what exactly happened, but we do know that his friends tried to save him.

His family are devastated and so are his friends.

Thank you to all who did what you could to show your support and love to the Ghonyia family. It meant a lot to them. Thank you for all the small kindnesses you are showing his family, his friends and his classmates. I know shall for ever remember the Welsh flag supporting the Indian flag as they flew at half-mast in Windsor Gardens.

Do please remind your children that rivers deserve respect. There are a lot of old industrial remnants lying on the floor of the Taff. It is all too easy to find yourself caught in one. There are also outlets where streams that are hidden under roads and pavements are eventually released into the river, those areas too can be unexpectedly turbulent and dangerous.

And finally!

Have a happy holiday!