October 2023 – County Councillor Reports

Below are the monthly reports from your County Councillors for the Radyr & Morganstown Ward.

Cllr Calum Davies – October report

Received by the Web Team on 3 November 2023

20mph default speed limit

Cardiff Conservatives called a special meeting of the Council to put forward our motion on the new 20mph default speed limit imposed by the Labour Government. We called for the Council to disapply the effect of the law – as it can do – returning us to where we were a couple of months ago. This would allow the Council to choose which roads are 20mph on case-by-case basis. Despite some trying to indicate otherwise, our motion, if passed, would not have seen Heol Isaf in Radyr return to 30mph because this was not the case when the new law came in. I am worried about the economic and environmental effects of the new national speed law. It should be repealed as 46,000 other people in Cardiff have called for in the Senedd petition. Watch my speech here.

Bin collections

The strike by a Unite the Union affecting waste services has continued. The Council leadership must meet with them to find a way to bring this situation to a resolution. The Union said it wants to negotiate with the Council as other local authorities have. It is having a negative effect across the county and it speaks to the issues we would have should the Council proceed to reduce the frequency of black bin collections. I questioned cabinet members on this issue and have received assurances that garden waste collections following industrial action will make up for the backlog. Christmas tree collections are also planned to go ahead as usual, but we need to see an end to strikes to give people confidence that this is the case.


I am getting increasing reports about issues with the 63 service. I have raised this with Cardiff Bus who assure me that the service is not being deprioritised in favour of other services and that congestion is the chief culprit for delays and cancellations. As I have consistently said, Council policy on road space and the failure to address this is what is hampering Cardiff Bus to deliver the reliable service it would like to provide. I continue to work with others to improve the service’s frequency.

Roadworks on Llantrisant Road

I am disappointed that roadworks on Llantrisant Road have not been completed despite assurances they would have ended in September and then October. I will be meeting with Redrow in the coming days to ascertain what has led to this second delay and ask that expectations are better managed going forward.

Community Council

I expressed my shared disappointment with the Community Council that Cardiff Council has not engaged with our local leaders about plans to help with proposals to regenerate our commercial centre. It had been a year since the Leader of the Council came to meet with the Community Council but little has been forthcoming, and I told him in County Hall that this needs to change.


I want to thank Cardiff Youth Service, local PSCOs, and volunteers from the Radyr & Morganstown Association for their work in putting on an event on Halloween for local young people and generated a good attendance, especially given the weather of the night.


I held a surgery for residents at the end of October. I will advertise my next one for early in the next year via the usual channels.

Charities and Eco Fair

From 10am to 1pm on Saturday 18th November, Radyr Methodist Church will be hosting a Charities and Eco Fair with cakes and crafts available. They are working towards their Silver Eco Award and would love to have your support.

Written Questions

Ahead of every Council meeting, I have the chance to table five written questions to the Cabinet. I will aim to use up my allocation each and every month to find out information useful to myself as a representative of Radyr & Morganstown but also in my other roles on the Council, including Shadow Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Supporting Young People, and Tackling Poverty. This month I asked:


  • Following data that shows Cardiff has experienced the second highest number of shoplifting reports of all English and Welsh cities since 2012, what action is the Council taking alongside South Wales Police to reduce incidents?
  • What measures is the Council taking to improve visibility on the Taff Trail, particularity north of the A48, and would it consider looking at best practice from other countries where path material glows in the dark?
  • In light of the industrial action affecting the county, will the Council guarantee that added garden waste collections will be put in place to make up for cancelled collections?
  • Why will the Council not incorporate a policy impact assessment for relevant decisions on the finances and operations of Cardiff Bus, a Council asset?
  • How many people are on the Council’s housing waiting list and how many social/council homes have been built in the last three years?

Answers can be found here on the written questions section of the Council meeting agenda.

Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones – October Report

Received by the Web Team on 5 November 2023


Cardiff Youth Services organised a Halloween event in Windsor Gardens, with help from Radyr Comprehensive, who painted the pumpkins, Radyr and Morganstown Association who sorted out the hot dogs and the burgers and Radyr and Morganstown Community Council who helped fund the food. Thanks to you all. Man of the match was Allan Cook who bought and ferried pumpkins to and from the school and to Windsor Gardens.

Rain didn’t help attendance but those who came enjoyed and asked if we could do it again. It was good too to see the police in attendance. Thank you very much Cardiff Youth Services.


Playground Drovers’ Way SECOND PRIORITY

Last time I looked there was playground equipment being installed. There is still pooling of water near the playground. We have been advised that this is to be expected as the soil settles and that next year the Council will probably rotavate the grass areas where there was work done to enable more even settlement. We have also been advised that the playground has been designed to channel water away from the equipment.

Heol Isaf

Hedgerows have been trimmed. Still have a piece by The Thatch that needs doing. It doesn’t belong to The Thatch and ownership needs to be resolved. Have been consulted about a raised level crossing by Radyr Comp. Have raised my concerns (very hard for older people to go over any tables crossing or sleeping policeman without jerking their backs which can be very painful for some people). Would prefer to have a working camera in place. Would also prefer to have a zebra crossing to enable children from the Sidings to reach Kings Road pavement more safely.

Station Road

There has been a first meeting towards creating a Friends of Station Road Group which went well. I have requested restoring the double yellow lines across Ener-chi’s entrance. I have asked if Station Road’s pavements could be checked. Apparently, there are some parts which are trip hazards.


Odour at Clos Parc Radur

Double sealed manhole covers have been fitted but this has not solved the problem. Have written several times about this, today’s email sent included footage of the leak on the double sealed manhole covers.

St Philbert’s

The work has started on improvements to the attenuation tank system.



Mound Field and Radyr Rangers. Have met with Council Officers re setting lease up for Radyr Rangers so they can apply for grants. Radyr Rangers have also met up with Cardiff City Ladies to discuss options.

Footpath 1

I have visited the site again this month. I have asked if the Notice Board can be improved. The Board itself is great but it has just been stuck into a glass fronted notice board with no panache at all. I have asked it the handrails can be lifted at the start of the steps. I have asked if it can be categorised as a Bridleway which would allow cyclists to use it.   I have made some other observations but provided the points I raised are sorted, I have said I am willing to remove my objection to having the parts of Footpath 1 that lead to the railway line taken away and the bridge being used instead.

Flooding by Pughs

The drains have been cleared recently by the Council. Pughs are also trying to keep the drains clear of leaves. Noticed yesterday in the rain, there was no flooding there. Problem not completely solved, but lessened with a bit of team work.

Throughout Radyr and Morganstown


Have been a member of the Replacement Local Development Plan Transport Task and Finish Group as public transport is important.


I have a Facebook page Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones I post information we are asked to share with residents. Last week’s posts included a reminder re Goldies who come to the New School Rooms the first Friday of the month, a reminder of the Halloween event and photos afterwards, a reminder of the Youth Activities on offer during Half-Term in Radyr Comp. Do please follow me.

Replacement Local Development Plan

Have also sat on a Task and Finish group re Planning Obligations which includes Section 106 funding and on District and Local Centres. We had a contribution from the Area Manager of the Co-op.


Have asked the First Minister if there is any work going on to link the new speed limits with people’s car GPs systems.

The Bins, especially the Green Bins.

Having been so pleased because the Council had agreed to putting on an extra Green Bin collection towards the end of November, the Council then found itself chosen as one of the cities in the UK where Unite called strike action. The waste management team were hard hit by this action and priorities had to be drawn up. The food waste has always been collected. The Green Bins became the one that could be left to last. We will all be very grateful when things are back to normal, and the Green Bins are picked up.

Remembrance Sunday

Do come and support the community at the War Memorial and join us in the church on November 12th. Ian Ogden has organised this for several years, he’s been mentoring some younger volunteers so the tradition can continue. Thank you Ian and we will remember them and all those caught up in War Zone around the World at this present time. Peace is so valuable.