May 2023 – County Councillor Reports

Below are the monthly reports from your County Councillors for the Radyr & Morganstown Ward.

Cllr Calum Davies – May report

Recieved by the Web Team on 2 June 2023

Drover’s Way Park

There has been a great deal of frustration about the delays in sorting the drainage works at the park, which is necessary before building a new park, after construction had only just started. This was down to Welsh Water making new requests which had to then receive planning permission. I was happy to see work recommence this month and, hopefully, the project will get back on schedule.

Bus replacement service

I have had lots of complaints about the bus replacements for rail services in at Radyr station. I agree that buses idling on double yellow lines, opposite junctions, and creating blind spots on a road where a collision with a pedestrian recently occurred is unacceptable and I have made it clear to Transport for Wales that the situation is untenable. I have also asked that the Sidings is not used as a turning point for the coaches. The car parks are the best places for the coaches whilst electrification works continue.

Tree-cutting on Llantarnam Drive

There has been confusion and frustration over some trees that were cut down on this road at the point where it backs onto properties on Radyr Farm Road, and whether these ancient trees and hedgerows should have been cut down. I have been informed that there was permission in place to cut down diseased trees with Ash Dieback. I have been told by Council officers that they are not aware of any breach of the Tree Protection Order. Only specified, deciduous tree species that would’ve been present in the area.

It has been alleged that works have extended beyond the ownership boundary of the applicant, but this is a private matter between the applicant and those affected, according to the Council. I was also informed that there is no law preventing tree work during the bird nesting season, but if nesting birds are disturbed or destroyed by works, this may constitute an offence. If there is evidence of such, South Wales Police should be alerted as the investigating Authority. There is also a requirement to plant new trees, during the first planting season following works. I will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Bus funding

I am aware of rumours about the viability of bus routes in the area following the forthcoming end of the Welsh Government’s Bus Emergency Support scheme in mid-July. There are no proposals on the table for the cutting/reorganising of routes from Cardiff Bus but we need to see better than the £20m fund the Welsh Government have put in place to cover all of Wales as the successor to BES and we need greater certainty on where this is deployed. As I have told residents before, the best way to maintain the current 63 bus is to use it as often as you can.

Clos Parc Radur Sewage

Having completed works on previous issues, Barratt Homes are now able to home in on the locations of remaining odour issue in Clos Parc Radyr. To inform this a survey of manhole  covers was carried out in March. They have identified two manholes which they wish to seal and are discussing this work with Welsh Water. They target this to be done by June 16th. In the meantime, they will monitor the rainfall forecast and add chemical over dry weekends. Following the manhole sealing, should there remain any issue, they will investigate such that they can solve locally.

Radyr & Morganstown Festival

A huge congratulations and thank you to the top team at the Radyr & Morganstown Festival and all the volunteers who worked so hard in arranging another successful festival. Their dedication to the community is a huge support of pride for everyone in the area and we are grateful for all their efforts. I was pleased to attend some events during its run and sampled some excellent burgers, courtesy of those in the BBQ tent.

Bins petition

I delivered my latest leaflet in May with a petition for residents to sign calling on the Council to keep black bin bag collection at their current frequency as plans to make them three-weekly, in my opinion, will lead to fly-tipping and vermin. If you haven’t sent back the slip, then do email me stating “I would like to sign the petition calling on the council to main black bin bag collection frequency” followed by your name and address. When we get enough names, I submit this to the Council. I would also remind residents to let me know how they are getting used to the new recycling regime as its rollout continues across Cardiff.


I hosted a surgery in Morganstown Village Hall in May. My next one will be in the autumn, with details to follow in a future monthly update and in the Radyr Chain when confirmed.

Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones – May Report

Received by the Web Team on 6 June 2023


Playground Drovers’ Way SECOND PRIORITY

This is GOOD NEWS The work has started back. The very dry weather is creating problems for the contractors, but they are still hopeful they will have the drainage in place by the end of August.

Lights in Drovers Way via the Playground towards Plymouth Drive

The Parc Radyr Management Company is still waiting for a final figure for an estimate for lights. Once this is received the PRMC will look for funding.


Please let me know if there are pavements you feel badly need attention.  Huge thanks to everyone who helps keep our streets so clean, the street cleaning team, the Litter Pickers and so many of us who quietly pick up a little bit of rubbish every time we go for a walk. It does make a difference.

Cars left by Ffordd Las

Both cars have been removed.

Heol Isaf

Many of the drains have been cleared out. Some were blocked solid with the manhole cover rusted into its receiver.  Some covers are still proving impossible to open. But we are seeing an improvement.

Electricity substation junction Kings Road and Taff Terrace.

The police have been informed that people do squeeze in behind the substation and that the debris left has not been desirable. This morning, there were only a few bottle caps which is good news.

Tree Felling just off Llantarnam Drive

I have been to see the location of the illegal cutting of trees by contractors on land they were not entitled to enter, let alone fell trees. It was not on Cardiff Council owned land and none of the trees had a TPO (Tree Protection Order)

Bryn Deri

I attended another meeting with Cardiff Council and the Head of Bryn Deri. The school has had several building issues improved this year. There is work programmed to be done during the summer.


Completing the road surface for Lon y Pererinion and Stryd Sils ap Sion

This I suspect is probably linked to the work that needs to be done in St Philberts. It’s becoming obvious that Redrow don’t want to come in and do one job and then return and do similar work with the same equipment in another street. In the meantime, we have residents with osteoporosis who dread driving out of the street.  Several of you flagged this up to our MP Kevin Brennan when he came round. He is writing to Redrow on your behalf.

Odour at Clos Parc Radur

Sadly, the smell of sewage has returned to Clos Parc Radur. The good news is that we are now seeing the contractors discussing the problem and sharing solutions. Barratts is meeting some of the residents on Tuesday 6th June.

Mobile Library This feels a bit like the play Waiting for Godot, where Godot never actually turns up. The difficulty is finding somewhere to park the library van. Hopefully we will have good news by next month.

St Philbert’s

Attenuation Tank

Been advised that planning application for a new design for the tank has been accepted. Know      Redrow were keen to do the work this summer. Have no date at present.

Turning points for Bin Lorries

The turning space for Bin Lorries is very tight. Have flagged this up. It will not help St Philberts but may help another new development.

Community Engagement Worker

Would love to get funding for us to have a Community Engagement Worker in Plasdwr. Will keep looking but if anyone knows a possible funding source, please let me know.

The Sidings

I have asked the police and the Council’s Traffic Safety section for their thoughts re making the entrance over the bridge safer. Both feel that because of the slope on the bridge traffic calming measures could be dangerous. If anyone has a well thought out suggestion, do share it with me.

Have flagged up the problem of river erosion beside the Cart Road. It is according to the maps I have seen in the ward of Llandaff.  I have flagged the problem up and will do so again.

The maintenance men working in De Clare Drive on the communal space advised me they were making things good ready for the Council to take over. Cllr Davies followed through with this. We have had confirmation that the roads in the Sidings were adopted in 2021 and that the Council is in contact with Taylor Wimpey re adoption of the open space. They hope the transfer will be completed soon.

There is Japanese Knotweed below the houses that look over the river. Currently I think the land is still Taylor Wimpey but I have reported it to Cardiff Council.



Mound Field and Radyr Rangers.

We need to have the full-sized pitch properly drained, so it is playable all year. Apparently once it is professionally drained it needs two years rest before it can be played on. Given that the all-weather pitch at Radyr Comp has only a guaranteed lifetime of three years and will need replacing completely next time round, we really need to get the pitch in Mound Field sorted quickly. (Yes, the Council is working on the problem for the Comp)

We also need to find the funds to build a Club House which can be a community asset. TfW are committed to build some facilities, and we are in talks with them. But the funds set aside, will not deliver what we really need. We are also looking on giving Radyr Rangers a lease on the land for the Club House which will enable Radyr Rangers to apply for more grants. I have put in for one bid. We will obviously have to put in for a lot of bids.

No one can start working on the building until there is planning permission. We have been advised that Radyr Rangers need to put a planning application in. They are moving progress on this.

Radyr Rangers have asked the two primary schools to circulate a survey and it is also going to be available on the next TfW newsletter. The feedback already is showing the majority of the community are keen for our youngsters to have facilities.

Morganstown Village Hall

We have been extremely lucky for many years to have had some very special people on the board of Morganstown Village Hall Management Committee. Some of them have whispered that they would love to step down and pass the baton on to other local people. So, if you would like to help, please let me know and I’ll pass your details on.

Save Cwm Farm

No one is sure whether the land that was up for sale will come back on the market. However, the group is setting itself up as a Charity, which means they would be able to apply for grant funding. There is a Facebook page Save Cwm Farm and the group would love to have even more supporters.

Bethel Chapel

Saddened to see it has been vandalised recently. The Community Council has asked Cardiff Council if they can help. There has been a site visit of the Community Council with Officers recently. We know the Council is taking this forward. No further developments.

Throughout Radyr and Morganstown


I have been in touch with our PCSOs. (Police Community Support Officers) I know from Facebook and talking to you that we have been having “interesting” happenings. However, when I flag up incidents to the PCSOs, I get told that no one reported these to the police. We are one of the safest wards in Cardiff, know we want to stay that way. Please do report incidents. It helps make a case for a regular police presence in our area.


There are many rumours about the buses.  BES (Bus Emergency Scheme) that was put in place to help during Covid finishes on 24th July 2023. This will make it difficult for Cardiff Bus Company. The Welsh Government has found some funds but not as big as BES towards supporting the buses.  So, everything remains uncertain.


I now have a Facebook page Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones

Community Art

We will soon be seeing some artwork on Plasdwr reflecting the Penrhys Pilgrimage which used to go along Llantrisant Road.

I invited Val Allen to meet David Mackie who has been asked to give artists ideas for artwork on Plasdwr. Val was born in Radyr and remembers life here when there were three main farms and the work on the railways. Fascinating listening to her memories.

If you have noticed the occasional bit of artwork in Windsor Gardens, the Easter Bunny, the Happy Eid, the St David’s Day window and fancied helping us, please contact me. Texting my phone is best 07977 395 625


This has caused problems for The Sidings, Junction Terrace and Kings Road because the rail replacement buses have been parking all over the area. We have asked TfW to insist the buses use the Car Park by the Station.  We have been told the buses wouldn’t be able to turn around. However, most of us have noticed that some buses to park in the Car Park.

We seem to have made progress on our request for the buses engines not to be idling. Replacement buses are also parked up behind the Ty Nant. Have tried phoning the company several times but have not had an answer.

I have objected to losing Footpath 1 which goes to Gelynis Farm because when the money becomes available for a Halt at Morganstown, that would be the logical place to site the station. I accept that for safety reasons there will be fencing either side of the track and that we will be using the bridge to cross the track. Would love a lift system, like the one at Radyr Station. The new bridge is hard for people with disabilities.

I will ask for some small trees or shrubs to be planted beside the river bridge at Radyr Station.

Economic and Culture Scrutiny Committee

The last meeting was about St David’s Hall. There is currently a VEAT process going on. During this period if any other company is interested in operating St David’s Hall they can apply and they can see all the documents that are already in place.

The Classical Programme will not be affected whatever the Outcome.


In May Cardiff held a FosterCareFortnight raising awareness of the need for more foster parents. Do think about it. If you are interested contact Foster Wales Cardiff. 029 2087 3797


The best memory I have of the coronation was our Friends on Friday or is it Friday with Friends group? They held a karaoke and gave the songs some welly. It was really great to feel the enjoyment and the energy in the group. More karaoke please!

Best wishes to you all.