June 2022 – County Councillors Report

The following report has been submitted by Councillor Calum Davies in his role as one of the County Councillors for Radyr on 16 June 2022.

The June report from Councillor Helen Lloyd Jones has since been added once recieved by the Web Team on 1 July 2022.

Cllr Calum Davies – June report

Recieved by the Web Team on 16 June 2022

Roles appointed

I am delighted that following my election to have been appointed to the following roles:

  • Shadow Cabinet Member for Young People & Tackling Poverty
  • Children and Young People Committee member
  • Democratic Services Committee member
  • Non-Executive Member of Cardiff Bus
  • Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education member
  • Deputy Whip for the Conservative Group

Through these roles, I hope to make Cardiff as a whole but, especially our ward, a better place to live. I have also submitted the casework I received during the campaign to officers and am making progress.

Meeting with Redrow

Cllr Lloyd-Jones and myself met with Grant Strong from Redrow on 6th June. See Annex 1 for my notes from the meeting which should be read in conjunction with Cllr Lloyd-Jones’ notes (to be provided by herself)

Morganstown Village Hall sign

At the request of a local resident who kept having cars drive up to their home, I have requested that the village hall sign is moved to a more appropriate location. The Council have agreed to find a more appropriate location and we await to see where they suggest.

Double yellow lines

Following concerns from residents, I have asked the Council for information regarding the process of establishing double yellow lines at the brow of Drysgol Road as it merges with Bryn Derwen as people sometimes park here despite poor visibility. They inform me that the process would take 9-12 months and would be subject to public consultation and judgment from Council officers. I will seek the views of the Community Council before proceeding further.

Bins on Windsor Avenue

A resident informed me that a public bin installed on Windsor Avenue less than a year ago has been removed. I have asked for an explanation from the Council as to why this has happened.

Period Dignity

Having been contacted by the Love Your Period campaign, I got in touch with the three schools in our ward to ensure period products are accessible to female students in a dignified way.

I was happy to learn that facilities and products are available without the girls having to ask a class teacher, which ensures dignified access, at all three schools.

R&M LDP Group

I attended the Group’s May meeting after being kept up to date with their work during the election campaign. It is positive to see how the Group is making progress in responding to the threat to green spaces in the community and have offered my assistance to help with action points that arise from their work.

I believe my role in these meeting is to listen to what residents say and use that to help in my actions as a councillor and offer any useful information I have, rather than seek to be a “back seat driver”.

Street light repairs

Having collected many issues over the campaign, I have been reporting any required repairs, including broken street-lights on Maes-y-Gwyddfid. The Council have said they will repair these.

Platinum Jubilee Book

I have received queries from local parents about whether the local primary schools in the area will be opting in to receiving a book celebrating the history of the United Kingdom to mark the Platinum Jubilee after the Welsh Government refused to pass them along automatically as the British Government and Northern Irish Executive are doing in England and Northern Ireland, respectively. I contacted both the schools in the ward and am delighted they will be opting-in to the scheme.

Local Events

Since my election, I had the joy of attending the concert in Parc Radur, the Hog Roast at the Golf Club, the shirt presentation at Radyr Cricket Club, the Jubilee labyrinth at Radyr Methodist Church, and the Jubilee event at Radyr Comprehensive School. I was honoured to have been given the privilege of lighting the Jubilee Beacon with Cllr Lloyd Jones. I would especially like to commend the work of the RMA for their recent work in relation the Festival and Jubilee.

Social Media and emails

I have set up a Facebook page for residents to keep up to date with news bulletins – @CllrCalumDavies – in addition to my Twitter profile – @calumtjd. Here I will share updates from the RMA, Community Council, Plasdwr Development Team, and other organisations and people about events and issues in the area, as well as what I have been up to. I can be contacted at calum.davies@cardiff.gov.uk now that my Council IT has been set up.

The RMA have also asked to be kept up to date with my work so will be sharing this monthly report with them too after the Community Council with any “real-time” updates too.

Annex 1 – Notes from meeting with Grant Strong, Plasdwr/Redrow on 6 June 2022

Meeting with Grant Strong, Plasdwr/Redrow – 6th June 2022

In attendance with Cllr Lloyd-Jones

Grant Strong role

GS is Special Project Manager for Redrow. He essentially overseas the Plasdwr development, but paid by Redrow, representing the interests of the landowner. He will be our liaison.

Sewage smells on Clos Parc Radur

GS informed us that this is the responsibility of Barratt’s and that Redrow are unhappy themselves given their nearby development. GS said he would contact Barratt’s for an update. GS also mentioned this is not affected by the issues in the park on Drover’s Way.

Barratt’s replied that evening:

Whilst our new properties have been under construction, this pump station has been operating with insufficient flows to clear the rising main sufficiently to avoid septicity and the resulting odour. This because new pump stations are designed for the design flow from the completed developments full population occupations. Our site is approaching completion which will be in August of this year. Since last Autumn we have instructed DCWW’s preferred contractor ‘Yara Europe’ to provide the Chemical dosing to prevent the odour. This has been largely successful apart from a couple of occasions when the chemical tank ran out due to monitoring and delivery issues and this allowed the odour to re-occur for a couple of days. I can advise you that we have put in place additional monitoring to help avoid this happening again. Following full site occupation in August we shall be able to assess the pump station operation with full flow data. With this data we shall be able to operate the pump station, either under the designed pumping regime or design an alteration. Either way stopping future occurrence of odour. I apologise that this odour became an issue and assure you of ongoing best endeavours until final resolution. Since last Autumn I have been ensuring that DCWW have been updated and shall continue to do so.

Attenuation tank at end St Philpert’s

GS informed us of the extensive planning applications they have made to the Council on this issue and are hoping to commence works to rectify it this summer. In the meantime, GS has agreed to make sure it is maintained (e.g. grass cut) in the meanwhile which is something that should already being done regularly. Once the work underneath the land on the tank is completed, Redrow will apply for permission to landscape the area as they have already agreed to.

The work underneath would involve lowering one of the attenuation tanks as it currently to high, hence the problem and delays. This would lower the ground too and avoid privacy problems with the back gardens on adjacent properties on Heol Isaf. GS was keen to emphasise that the tanks technically function and the plans to move one would maintain that standard.

Debris puncturing tires

CD raised reports from residents of debris from nearby Redrow site puncturing tyres of cars belonging to those living on Llantarnam Drive and nearby streets.

Following conversations regarding vexatious claims and difficulties in reaching thresholds for legitimate claims, parties agreed that prevention would be the best course of action and GS stated regular street cleaning would occur and all claims will be looked at fairly.

Planning Permission re mini roundabout by garage

Following resident enquiries, CD asked about whether any breaches have been made of the planning permission given at the plot opposite the garage, off Llantrisant Road. Permission stated no more than 150 dwellings can have access to this mini roundabout. GS assured us that it had not been breached and although more than 150 dwellings are on the site, they are not all completed yet and that access to the mini roundabout will be restricted with some of the dwellings forced to use an alternative junction.


CD raised the spectre of the Replacement LDP and asked whether Redrow are showing interest in the candidate sites surrounding the golf club. He confirmed that they are actively helping the landowner in promoting the land, so do have interest in the site.

Close of meeting

CD and HLJ thanked GS for the meeting and all the information he provided and committed to working together to address issues surrounding the development for the good of residents.

Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones – June Report

The following report dated 15 June was recieved for publication by the Web Team on 1 July 2022

Cost of Living Grants

Householders living in properties Council Tax Bands A-D will have had £150 towards rising costs of energy. Other householders are also entitled to this if they are receiving council tax reduction or living in ​a property in band E with a disability adaptation band reduction.

The advice is to go to a Money Clinic to find out if you are entitled to other benefits. However, when one was set up in Radyr there was such a poor response that the Money Clinic was stopped. There is information on Cardiff Council’s website about grants and benefits. Have asked where best, people in Radyr and Morganstown could go to, for help. Will send the information to the Clerk of Radyr and Morganstown Community Council when I receive it.

Postscript – The above mentioned advice service can be accessed by any residents through the phone number for Cardiff Hubs – 029 2087 1071

Redrow at Plasdwr

Redrow has reinstated a nominated person as a point of contact for the community. Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones and Cllr Calum Davies had a meeting with the Redrow contact at the beginning of June. Points discussed include

Smell of sewage along Clos Parc Radur road. FIRST PRIORITY

It was explained that the smell was linked to the Maes y Deri pump station. We had a response from Barratt June 6th.

There are not yet enough properties built for the sewage to flow well enough to avoid septicity and hence the resulting odour. We have been told that they are using a chemical to prevent the odour. We were told that there had been times when the deliveries of the chemical hadn’t arrived in time.

We wait to see if there is an improvement.

Residents have reported odours on June 10th 2022

Grassed area in front of St Philbert Street. THIRD PRIORITY

Redrow has been in touch with some residents. Redrow is looking to alter the layout of the attenuation system this summer to enable the land in front of St Philbert street to be landscaped. This will also restore most of the privacy that the houses along Heol Isaf used to have.

Flooding from Radyr Farm Road going into Plas Y Mynach

Solutions here would have to be found elsewhere.

Drainage from Golf Club Lane

Redrow were aware of the pre-existing drainage system and reassured us that the drainage system in place now would pick up any water from the Lane.


The signage for Plasdwr is poor. Deliveries are going missing. Emergency vehicles would have difficulties finding a specific house. No action point discussed. Need to follow up.

Restoration of road surface on Radyr Farm Road

There are plans to tarmac this from Clos Parc Radur to Heol Isaf. No progress can be expected until the work has been completed on the attenuation tanks. The lane is a Public Bridleway so the surface should be horse friendly as well as people friendly. The lane will need to have tarmac and a horse friendly surface beside it. The Public Rights of Way Officer is already on board with this improvement.

Road surfaces not made up on the estate, such as at Clos y Fwyalchen Wen

No action point discussed. Need to follow up

Rubbish from the site blowing over Heol Isaf

A request was made that the site should make their materials more secure, so they were less likely to blow away.

A request was made that following every high wind, a sweep would be made of Heol Isaf to remove any litter blown over from the site.

The request to doing a litter sweep was accepted. We notice that a hanging piece of plastic sheeting from the site has now been removed.

The Sidings

There have been several complaints from residents about the noise from the construction work at night on the Metro. These have been passed on to TfW. The opportunity to discuss the problems arose after the Presentation of the proposals for a Metro between Cardiff and Llantrisant last week. A different resident has complained this week, the complaint has been passed on to TfW. Both Councillors are monitoring the situation.


Maes y Bryn

Maes y Bryn suffers from noise coming from the M4. It has been made worse because trees were cut down to keep pylon lines clear. We have had a response from Mark Drakeford’s office that Maes Y Bryn is now thirteenth on the list for work to be done. We have no timescale as yet.

Bethel Chapel

Attended a meeting held about the Chapel. There are concerns about the graveyard which is still a “live” one, that means there are people who have the right to be buried there. There are concerns re the structure of the Chapel which is a listed building. Following that, a Morganstown resident has contacted the owner of the Chapel and had a response which could solve the concerns.

Save Cwm Farm

The sale of the land is on hold while waiting for Probate on Janet Thomas’ estate.

There is a project Coed Caerdydd. I have contacted them and hope to find out more about the scope of their project and whether they could help in anyway.

Concerns with the use of Gelynis Farm Lane by Enormous Low Loaders

These have only just arrived today and will be actioned later.

Fence between M4 and Maes y Crofft

This is deteriorating and in places collapsed. It has been reported. Currently checking who has responsibility for it.


Green bins not emptied Shepley Court.

Reported and sorted.

Wandering Litter Bin, Windsor Avenue

This has reappeared at Ffordd Las.

It has been reported and a request that a new bin should be installed at Windsor Avenue and the wandering bin made safe at Ffordd Las.

Cherry Trees Windsor Crescent

There are two cherry trees in Windsor Crescent. One is dead, the other has an enormous base of trunk, start of root system which is breaking up the pavement.

Both will be taken out this year. They will be replaced by two young cherry trees.

The possibility of transplanting the live cherry is being considered.

Fence down on Radyr Farm Lane by entry to Plas Y Mynach


Land Parcel between Ash Tree Close and Walnut Tree Close

Several issues, all reported. Some to do with the footpath, some to do with overgrowth and one to do with keeping the stream flowing properly.

Mud and Overgrowth on Golf Club Lane

Reported twice.

Playground Drover’s Way SECOND PRIORITY

The drainage work is out for tender. The situation at the playground is that it experiences problems from a stream that was diverted when the older Clos Parc Radur estate was built. Before the playground can be re-instated the drainage has to be put right.

Throughout Radyr and Morganstown


Have flagged up the need for a Bus Stop at Radyr Station. This was also flagged up in the presentation of the Metro from Cardiff to Llantrisant.

Have requested that the 62 be diverted to go to Ffordd y Berlan rather than to Rhydlafar as Rhydlafar is currently being served every 15 mins by the 122 Cardiff to Tonypandy bus.

Red Striped Bags

This system is about to change. If it affects anyone, the advice is to continue using up any red striped bags you have and then to switch to black bags.

Issues outside the Ward which affect the Ward

Danescourt Woods

The developers have made an amendment to the previous planning application to build in Danescourt Woods. This is a strip of land that acts as a green corridor along side the river for wildlife. It is very well used by people from Radyr and Morganstown as a quicker walking route to Cardiff than using the Taff Trail. There are many reasons why this development should not be allowed. The Community Council has objected to each application made over the last few years.

Will be sending in an objection.

Footpath 42

An objection to the diversion of Footpath 42 has been made. It included a request that the route shown as the alternative should also be a Public Right of Way.

And finally!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make such an enjoyable Jubilee Celebration in our community. It was a wonderful event, we all have happy memories of a balmy summer’s evening, bunting gently fluttering, dogs judging Jubilee Crowns, real live music, the Beacon and those fantastic fireworks.

Mil o ddiolch i bawb