Newsletter January 2012

Road Signs

Road Signs

A Happy New Year to everyone

Saturday 3rd December our Christmas Dinner Dance at Radyr Golf Club was supported by 58 members. The food was superb, dancing and drinking went on til midnight. Overall a successful night.

Update on Penny& Glyn they are now in their new home just a few doors away from their daughter Kirsty, son-in- law Gareth and grandson Owain.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the death of Iwan Griffiths. Iwan along with Gill was one of the founder members of the association. Our condolences have been sent to Gill and the family at this sad time.

Alain sent the above photo via email to show how the Council had mounted the sign post. As you can see it looks good above the Bickenbach sign.

Saturday March 3rd 2012 Twinning Progressive Supper. These have always proved to be very popular especially when the French are visiting but the committee felt that this would be an ideal time to reintroduce just for the Radyr & Morganstown Twinners. Contact me to book your place as there is a limit of 64 and these we hope will be taken quickly.

Friday 11th May 2012 Café Jazz as part of the Festival celebrations we will be putting this event on for the whole community our thanks once again to Raymond and Cube for their time and support. Look out for further details in the festival programme.

Tuesday 15th May 2012 School Boule to be held this year at Radyr Primary further details in the festival programme.

It is hoped that as many members as possible can attend these functions as your support is needed for the Twinning to grow and prosper. As a result of the lack of support for the adult boule tournament it has been decided not to put on this event but to concentrate on the school boule which is always well supported.

Friday May 25th, 2012 at about 6 pm the French Twinners will arrive and leave on Monday, May 28th, 2012 early morning.

A programme for the visit is already in hand with a trip to Penderyn Whisky booked for Saturday morning and a picnic/race event at Morganstown on Sunday evening.

Marie Cantin and Emmanuel Coudière received Isobelle and Jeff Dunn last May. Isobelle and Jeff cannot receive them this May. Therefore we are looking for another family to receive them. They have 3 young children and hope to bring them. They will be travelling independently.

A suggestion was also put forward for the members’ consideration regarding our next visit to St. Philbert. This was to look at going by coach but departing a day earlier and returning a day later. A few of you have responded saying that this would be a good idea so I will contact St. Philbert and get a response from them.

As you can see once again we are a small committee and would be glad of any input from members throughout the year either through a committee member or through the Twinning email.

Check out our web page at for photographs and news.