RMLDGroup – Making the voices of Radyr & Morganstown Residents heard on matters of Planning and Local Development

The Radyr and Morganstown Local Development Group (RMLDG) is an independent group of local residents which has come together to be informed, and take positive action on matters relating to the development of our Capital City. In particular, we have particular interest in the production of the Cardiff Council Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP), and how it will affect both the area of Radyr & Morganstown and the whole of North West Cardiff. In doing this, we have joined forces with other groups in NW Cardiff, namely:

How can you help to fight this?

Our first action was to write this response to Phase 2 of Cardiff Council’s Revised LDP process. The current consultation is at a high level, seeking views on the strategic options for future housing and jobs growth in Cardiff in the period 2021 – 2036.

There are a number of applications for ‘Candidate Site status’ within NW Cardiff, totalling some 4,000 dwellings (on top of the 6,000 dwellings already agreed to be built in Plas Dŵr and elsewhere under the existing LDP).  The speed of development of Plas Dŵr is much less than planned and, with other changes affecting the Cardiff Area (not least Brexit and a likely much lower than forecast population growth), there is simply no need for more development sites to be added into the Replacement LDP.

Policy papers suggest that Cardiff Council has an aspiration to grow the size of Cardiff, even if the housing need  suggests otherwise. This is because the planners feel that a lower range of population growth is not “a realistic basis for Cardiff as a Capital City.”

We refute this. The debate now is what sort of City do you want to live in?

  • Do we want a City being developed by house builders merely for their profit?
  • Do we want a City of featureless estates full of poor quality house built cheek-by-jowl so developers make as much profit as possible?
  • Or a Capital City we can be proud of, based upon self contained communities?
  • A Capital City which respects the Welsh Government’s Climate Emergency where our children do not suffer from noise and gaseous pollution from an ever increasing number of cars?

North West Cardiff has a poorly developed transport system and even the improved train services through Radyr and Danescourt will not cope with the increased number of people from the houses already planned – let alone even more. There will never be enough money for building a Metro line through Plas Dŵr and bus routes through Llandaff and Cathedral Road are slow and unreliable, even with the bus priority measures being implemented. All the additional traffic must necessarily use the existing clogged-up road network.

And building on existing Greenfield sites forebodes potential environmental problems like flooding.

We are planning a major campaign over the coming months with the Planners, Cardiff Council, our Senedd Members and MPs.

We will set up meetings with them to garner their support and we will publish more information on this website as it becomes available. We want Cardiff Council to realise that, far from creating an improved, bigger Cardiff, they are at risk of destroying what they and we already have.

If you are interested in what might be built in your local area, the community facilities or supporting transport infrastructure that makes our city connected, then join our group and get your voice heard in the consultation process.

How you can help:


Join our Group if you have ideas for action, have expertise in a relevant area or just want to show support

Engage in the Replacement Local Development Plan process (next consultation period Oct 2022)

Support a future fund-raising exercise to engage professional assistance

Lobby your elected representatives (Councillors, Members of the Senedd, MP etc)

Your Elected Representatives

Our Members of Cardiff County Council

Or our Members of the Senedd:

Constituency Member (Cardiff West):

Regional Members (South Wales Central):

Postal address: Welsh Parliament, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF99 1SN

And our MP

Keep in touch

If you wish to keep up to date with this campaign, please contact rmldgroup@radyr.org.uk to be added to our address list and also contact us if you have experience or knowledge to offer.