RMA Zoom Licence

The Radyr & Morganstown Association (RMA) is offering access to its Zoom Licence to its associated groups across Radyr and Morganstown. We have done this to help groups to continue to gather whilst physical meetings are not possible.

To take advantage of this offer please e-mail zoom@radyr.org.uk with details of the date/time you would like to hold your meeting so that your request can be assessed.

Background information

The RMA zoom licence allows up to 100 connected participants – but we can also push streams across to a public YouTube channel where more people can watch as we did for Remembrance and for the Christmas Lights switch on should you ever require this.

Groups should let us know when you would like to use the system and we will set up a meeting for you. Email zoom@radyr.org.uk with the details and we will try to get back to you within 48 hours. We are trying to accommodate all requests but can only host 1 meeting at a time so the earlier you book the more chance of securing any particular time-slot.

One of the RMA technical volunteers will act as the technical host. Participants (and any presenters) will need to register in advance and will then receive their unique link to access the meeting. Should anyone need to be able to present slides/video then let your technical contact know in advance and they can make sure that they are promoted to a Co-Host early on to give them the correct permissions.

The event organiser will be provided with a meeting registration link. It is your responsibility to communicate this link and any other meeting information with your group members. The RMA Executive will act as Data Processors on your behalf. The RMA Exec will have access to the e-mail addresses and other personal data used for registration but these are not used for any purpose beyond administering your meeting safely and will be deleted 1 month after the event.

We recommend that you only publicise the Registration message by e-mail and other direct forms of communication and do not publish this on your website. Those not already on your mailing lists should be encouraged to contact a suitable person (e.g. by email) to be forwarded the link rather than it simply being available online. This is another part of helping keep the meeting safe and secure for all participants and discouraging any automated attacks on the meeting.

Whilst the RMA volunteer will be present to ensure that everything technical is dealt with, the content of the meeting itself will, as usual, be up to the group organiser(s) to guide/control.

This is being hosted on the fully licenced account and so there is no technical time limit to these meetings.

The following are some standard words that we have developed to use for RMA Events to help participants to understand how the meeting will be conducted. It may be useful to share these, or something similar, with your attendees at an appropriate point.


A reminder of the way the meeting will be conducted:

  1. Pre-registration is required and will close at 13.00 on the day.
  2. After you have registered you will receive a new link unique to you. You use this second link to access the meeting on the day. Please do not share this link with anyone it is unique to you.
  3. Access to the meeting will be available from 19.15.
  4. Participants will first enter the ‘waiting room’ before being admitted to the meeting proper. There will be a slight delay moving from the waiting room to the meeting.
  5. All participants will be muted on entry to the meeting. To help the meeting flow and allow everyone to hear, please put yourself on mute when not talking.
  6. The meeting will be locked five minutes after the start, meaning no further admissions.
  7. The protocol for the meeting (discussion, questions, comments) will be described on the day.
  8. Please note that we will be recording the meeting and putting it on our website. If you do not wish your image to be included in this recording please ensure that your camera is off.


To allow the RMA to run this service there is a nominal £5.00 per meeting charge to help cover the licence fee.


Book your first Zoom session for your group today.

If you wish to go ahead with using our service simply message zoom@radyr.org.uk with the date, time and expected length of the meeting(s) you would like to hold via Zoom.

If you have any questions about how this might work for your group then just drop us a line.