Updates to recycling collections

Row of 3 new style recycling bags

A number of recycling changes come in across Radyr & Morganstown on Tuesday 20 February.

Those areas that were on green single use bags for mixed recycling will be transitioning to the segregated blue and red cloth bags. Red bags for metals and plastics (now including tetra pack style packaging), Blue bags for paper and cardboard.

For those who have been involved in the various trials you will already have a blue caddy for your glass bottles and jars. The council advise that only 40% of residents put their blue caddy out each week. Based on the data collected during the pilot, and to ensure the new service is as efficient and cost-effective as possible, these caddies will now only be collected once every two weeks.

From 19 February 2024, blue glass caddies will be collected every two weeks, on the same day as your black wheelie bin.

Brown caddies for food waste will continue to be collected weekly for all houses.

If you require further collection bags, or have not received yours and your neighbours have then further/replacement items can be ordered from the Cardiff Council website.