RMA raises £11,060 for BHF Cymru

As many of you will know the Radyr & Morganstown Association (RMA) changed the dates of their annual charity to change at the end of each calendar year rather than during the Summer Holidays. Charities will still be supported for 12 months each but we will start in the Spring with an introduction to the charity, support them through our May Festival and then end our year of support with the Christmas Lights across Radyr & Morganstown and other Christmas related events.

Last year – 2023 – the chosen charity was the British Heart Foundation Cymru and we are happy to announce that the RMA raised a grand total of £11,060 for the charity.

A message of thanks from Carys, the BHF Cymru Fundraising Manager for South East Wales who we have been working with in 2023:

(N.B. drafted before our final contributions were added to the tally)

I’m writing to celebrate and pass on our heartfelt thanks for the support throughout 2023 with the community events and activities. We’re delighted to share a certificate for the total sum of £10,800 raised through the partnership for BHF Cymru and would like to say again how grateful we were of the opportunity to engage the community in Radyr and build our presence as a charity locally.

Donations like these have played a part in every breakthrough we’ve made over the last 60 years and will continue to do so. They have helped to power pioneering research that has given us machines that can restart hearts, the ability to fix arteries in tiny babies, devices to correct heartbeats, the power to give someone a heart they weren’t born with, and so much more! We have brought about some of the greatest breakthroughs in medical history – including pacemakers, heart transplants and statins for lowering cholesterol. But we couldn’t do this without public support and there are around 7.1 million people in the UK living with the daily burden of heart & circulatory issues that are waiting for the next breakthrough.

Your generosity will help us to fight for every heartbeat and bring us closer to the day when we’ve beaten heart disease for good.

Today, the world’s best scientists are turning ideas the once seemed like science fiction into treatments and cures, making advances in vital research into heart and circulatory diseases like heart attacks, stroke and vascular dementia, and the risk factors that can cause them, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. And your support to continue this innovative work will have a significant impact on many families across the UK and, in fact, the world.

Thank you once again for supporting us in the fight for every heartbeat.

Your sincerely

Carys Jenkins

Fundraising Manager, South East Wales