Highway resurfacing in Morganstown

**Update 08/10/2021** – This work has been rescheduled by Cardiff Council for the third time and is now due to start on Wednesday 13 October.

Some residents of Morganstown will be receiving notification letters from Cardiff Council regarding upcoming works to apply a “Micro Asphalt Surface Treatment” to the highway in some streets in this area.

The work is currently scheduled to take 2 days (0800 – 1800) from Thursday 30 September 2021 although the exact dates will be displayed on site 3 days before commencement of works. Scheduled works can also be affected by weather conditions.

The roads affected include:

  • Heol Syr Lewis
  • Ravensbrook
  • Garth Close

This means that on Thursday and Friday access to the car park of Morganstown Village Hall may be affected by these works.

According to the Council webpage on Highway improvements:

What is happening?

In the next few days, weather permitting, the road outside your home will be given a new surface.
The treatment is called ‘Micro Asphalt’ and will improve the condition of your road for years to

Why is this being done?

Although the road outside your property may appear fairly sound, areas of cracking and wear are
appearing and if left untreated the condition will deteriorate further.
Micro Asphalt surfacing has been selected for your road because;
  • It will seal the surface and restore skid resistance.
  • It will keep the road surface in good condition and considerably extended the life of the road.
  • It is fast and efficient and will minimise inconvenience to the public.
  • It is sustainable as no material is removed from the road.
  • Research shows that it is a very cost-effective treatment when applied at the correct time.

What does the work involve?

Micro Asphalt is a cold-applied mix of bitumen binder and aggregate laid on the road surface by a
specialist vehicle. The steps of the process are:
  • ​Signs will be erected by the contractor advising of the treatment date.
  • The road is swept clean.
  • Manholes, kerbs and drainage gully’s etc. are covered with protective tape.
  • The road is closed to traffic, although access will be maintained to residents where possible.
  • The micro asphalt is applied; this may be in one or two coats depending on the roads existing condition.
  • A one hour “setting” time is allowed.
  • The road is reopened to traffic.
  • The road is swept to remove any loose stone.
  • Where required, within one week manholes will be adjusted to suit new levels.
  • Within one week the white lines are re-laid.
  • In two weeks the road will be re-swept to remove any loose stones.
Important Note:
Your new Micro Asphalt surface will initially look uneven and unfinished, which is normal and happens because of the laying and necessary curing process. The appearance of the road will “settle down” over time as the curing process stabilises the material, this is helped by weathering and trafficking. The appearance of the surface will improve over the first few weeks with the final finished result expected in approximately 3 months.

How long will it take?

In most cases the surface treatment will be completed within 1 to 2 days.

What should I do?

We will do our best to ensure every care is taken and we would ask you to assist us in the following
  1. ​Please do not allow your children or pets to play around the machines or on the newly laid ​surface for 2 hours after completion
  2. Before entering your home or getting into your car ensure all shoes are free from bitumen or stones.
  3. Please observe No Parking restrictions.

​We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your co-operation in helping us carry out the necessary work.