16 November 2020 – Transport for Wales

The RMA General Meeting, held over Zoom, on Monday 16 November 2020 was very well attended by all measures (physical or virtual). That was because of the concern being expressed by local residents over the major work that will be conducted in around the Mound Field and Gelynis Farm over the next few years.  Members may already have seen the report of the meeting in the draft minutes – we were hoping to be able to share a recording of the meeting as well but unfortunately technical difficulties have prevented that.

For further background, TFW have provided us with a copy of the presentation they gave. They also provided a copy of the draft site plan. Do have a look at those documents to read in conjunction with the minutes.  We also asked TFW where we could find more information about the Metro. They said they were working on a more comprehensive area of the website which will cover Radyr in specific detail but, for now, they suggested the following links: https://trc.cymru/south-wales-metro and https://trc.cymru/metro-faqs.

As soon as the Web Team receive further information we will share it through https://radyr.org.uk