5 October 2020 – Jamie Grundy talks about “90 Minutes of Freedom”

Jamie Grundy, talked to the RMA about his book ‘’90 Minutes of Freedom’. Jamie, who only recently moved from Radyr, may be best known to us as a main driver towards the establishment of ‘The Radyr Tap’. He has run numerous community projects and has worked with serving prisoners on several projects in all six of the Welsh male prisons. His book is about the only prisoner football team in Wales in HMP Prescoed. It was a year-long project that he says taught him a great deal about writing, being an author and the world of self-publishing.

This session also included some local updates and the agreement of the Treasurer’s report for the Association Accounts for 2019.

This meeting was held via Zoom on Monday 5 October 2020.

Watch on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya8o8Hk9RYM