The Parish Hall, Danescourt

The Parish of Radyr makes available its Parish Hall adjacent to St Johns Church, Rachel Close, Danescourt to independent organisations and individuals, on a regular or one off booking basis. The main activity area provides space suitable for uses such as childrens’ activities, personal development activities, family functions and meetings.

The Hall is also the local electoral polling station for Danescourt.

A Brief Description

The hall comprises a main entrance and waiting area, a main corridor off which are 4 toilets including one dedicated disabled toilet and a main hall.

The main hall has gross dimensions of 50’x 20’.Natural lighting is provided by three tall windows on the east or car park wall, and four small high windows on the west or church wall. All windows are fitted with curtains or vertical blinds. Artificial lighting is provided by 6 twin fluorescent light tube fittings. Heating is by two gas fires with protective grills. There is an emergency exit at the rear of the main hall on the north wall.

Users of the hall have access to twenty folding leg tables, stored on trolleys, eight stackable small fixed leg tables, fifty-six folding chairs, stored on trolleys, twelve stackable fixed leg chairs and twenty stackable fixed leg junior chairs.

The good sized modern kitchen has a serving hatch, dual fuel cooker, fridge, microwave, hot water urn, kettles and communal crockery.


Booking enquiries: Malcolm May – 07906 875 295 or email:

The Hall is kept free of regular bookings on Saturday and Sunday afternoons for one off functions e.g. children’s parties or family functions.

Further details of the organisations’ activities including contact details may be found on the notice board in the entrance of the Hall.

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