Neighbourhood Watch Alerts 2018 & 19

Alerts from the Neighbourhood Watch in Radyr and Morganstown from 2018 and 2019.

May 18   a number of night burglaries in Dan y Bryn Avenue.  One robber took car keys and drove the residents car off the drive

T1. Undelivered parcel – a card is posted through the door informing you that there has been a parcel delivery asking you to ring a phone number -Do not ring the number provided 09066611911 a premium number costing £315, just to dial ! This phone number has subsequently been removed by BT.

2. Virus in your computer – a telephone call from Omega Systems stating that there is a virus in your computer. If you give them clearance to access your computer you will need your machine completely wiped after they have downloaded a virus.

3. Tax Refund – HM Customs are warning people of calls informing the recipiant that they are due a tax refund and the caller then proceeds to obtain all your personal bank details. They are also using emails for this scam.

4. BT Bill outstanding – the caller states that you owe an outstanding payment. The caller threatens to cut off the phone and demonstrates this by getting you to ring back. This is a scam as all they have done is to stay on the line and hit the mute button. They then proceed to take your card details which they use to make bogus purchases.

5.Pellet Gun Incident – A 12 year old girl was hit in the face from a BB gun fired by three youths in Wilson Road, Ely. The Community is being warned that a pellet gun is not a toy and can cause serious injury.

6. Operation B A N G (Be a Nice Guy) The Police have informed the community that this operation has been very successful around the city. There has been a significant reduction in anti-social behaviour on Halloween and Bonfire Nights. Railway police have reported a down turn in incidents on trains at the same time.

7. BT/YAHOO Scam – A resident of Radyr received an email purporting to be from BT/Yahoo stating that to keep his account open he should provide the following details:

Name/Password/User ID/Occupation/Date of Birth/Country of Residence. Failure to do so would cancel his account. He confirmed with BT that this was a Scam.

8. Car theft/Burglary – a car was stolen whilst the owner was watching a football match. The thief keyed into the GPS system to find “home” and used the garage fob, found in the glove compartment, opened the door and robbed the house.

9. PIN Number – A text message on his mobile from “his wife” or so he thought, asked him to send his PIN number by return. Before he realised and checked with his bank funds had been withdrawn from his account.

10. Christmas Advice – the Police have given the following advice over Christmas –

a) Do not leave presents on show under the Christmas Tree.

b) Use all locks on doors within the property

11. Burglaries – There have been a spate of burglaries in our area – West of Cardiff. Take care!

12. Car Thefts – A number of car thefts have taken place in Creigiau and areas West of Cardiff. A number of these cars have been “unlocked”.

13. Computers and Laptops – A number of incidents have been reported of thefts of computers and laptops in the Cardiff area in the last few weeks.

14.Burglary – A house in Heol Isaf was burgled in the middle of the night at the weekend. The resident disurbed the intruder and he ran off with a camera.

15. Crime Statistics to January 2012. (2 months) 58 calls, 10 crimes and 4 arrests. 1 burglary and 2 attempted burglaries. A number of shoplifting calls and unsolicited visits. Cars parked on pavements is still a problem and cars will be booked if they obstruct pedestrians.

16. Burglary Friday 17th Feb 2012 – a nasty burglary in The Green. Be aware of suspicious vehicles.

17. Emergency Number 112 can be called for emergencies across the whole of Europe. This is equivalent to 999.

18.Courier Scam Illicit phone caller states that your credit card has been comprised! Asks you to ring the number on the back of your card. They hold the line open so you don’t get through. The caller pretending to be the Card Company then asks for your pin number and then tells you that your card will be collected and replaced by a courier the next day. They then proceed to use the card!

19. Four bikes stolen from Junction Terrace on Sunday 18th March. One is cream Land Rover ladies bike with a child’s seat attached.

20. Parts of bumpers and accessories have been stolen of a number of cars in Morganstown during October.

21. November 2012 – 71 calls to the police – 27 crimes committed and 15 arrests. Mostly thefts from sheds/garages.

22. A man has been exposing himself to lone female walkers in the Taffs Well/ Pentyrch area and the mountain road from Taffs Well to the the Garth Mountain. The police description is a white male in his 30s, dishevelled appearance, dark receding hair, 5’8″ to 6′, heavy chest hair. Please contact Huw Thomas (07584004472) and 101 with any information.

23. A burglary took place in Windsor Avenue on Saturday 15th June at around 10am.