Neighbourhood Watch Alerts 2014

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1. Cold Canvassers – A resident was visited late at night asking to sign up for a charitable cause. The caller would not accept cash or cheques but insisted on taking bank direct debit details. The police were informed.

2. A lorry disposed of its contents on a drive in Bryn Derwen, believing the house was empty. The owner took the number and the police were informed.

3. Earlier this year a number of plant pots were stolen from the front gardens around the village.

4. A number of cars have been broken into in the Sidings area, although some of the cars were believed to be unlocked.

5. Residents are warned to be wary of phone calls asking for bank details and then asking the resident to make a call back on a specific number. The caller remains on the line and perports to be a member of the bank.

6.Police Report Sept 2014 – last two months

Burglaries x 7; Theft from motor vehicles x 5; Interference with vehicle x 3; Theft x 2; Assaults x 2; Miscellaneous x 9

7. Nov 7th – Headway broken into and damage caused to the shop.

8. Large vehicles are still using Heol Isaf as a thoroughfare against the regulations – max weight 8.5tons. Please take their numbers and email the clerk to Community Council – We will keep a log and report them to the police.

9 The area appears to besieged with cold canvass telephone calls. Some more malicious than others. One resident received 18 calls in one week – PPI claim, computer virus, research, bank etc.