New bridge at the Burnt Mound in Radyr Woods

We are pleased to announce that a new bridge has been installed near the Burnt Mound in Radyr Woods.

Radyr Woods Wardens, working together with Cardiff Conservation Volunteers spent 21 November rebuilding the bridge as well as clearing vegitation including some of the overgrowth overhanging the stream. The combined team also removed blockages from the stream allowing the water to flow through easily. What a great day!

The bridge is near to what is known on the map as the “Burnt Mound”. This a prehistoric – possibly Bronze Age – pile of stones used by our ancestors to heat water. The stones were heated and thrown into the water. It used to be thought of a a cooking area, but the latest thoughts by English Heritage is that it is a type of Sauna.

The Radyr Wood Wardens are a volunteer group who have regular working parties to maintain this local woodland and ensure that it continues to be a safe and enjoyable green space right on our doorstep. If you are interested in joining the volunteer wardens, see more about what they do and the date of their next working party then see their pages on this website or contact the Clerk to the Community Council.
Map showing location of Memorial Bridge