Support in our Community

It has now been over a month since Community was formally launched and we have been amazed by the effort that we have seen among residents to support each other across Radyr & Morganstown.

In addition to the hyper local support that is being given as a result of our original postcards, which you can still collect from the Co-op or download to print out if you haven’t introduced yourself to your neighbours yet. We we just wanted to let you know a few of the things that the volunteer group – all of you – has achieved so far:

  • 3D printing of visors for health and care workers’ PPE
  • Knitted hearts to support community wellbeing activities
  • Coordinating and providing support to the Co-op to help with social distancing and deliveries to isolated shoppers
  • Supporting members of the community who are shieldling or having to self-isolate
  • Matching up a front line worker with free accommodation while isolating.

Community now have over 120 volunteers across the village, demonstrating the community spirit that we all know exists throughout Radyr and Morganstown.

Thank you once again for your support.

If you have not yet registered for Community but feel you could help. Follow this link to register and support your local community – Thank You!

Can Community help me?

There are 3 ways of getting in touch with Community:

  • If you have a personal need and have had one (or more) of our postcards through your door then please contact that local volunteer in the first instance using the details on the card;
  • If you have not had a postcard or can’t find it then don’t worry, you can still e-mail or phone 07513 187 930 and one of our volunteer coordinators will match you with a local volunteer;
  • If you have a larger project that you think our volunteers may be interested in assisting with, like some of those mentioned above, drop us an e-mail to and we will do what we can to assist.

If you are aware of a specific need near you that you cannot help with yourself please send us an email to and our volunteer coordinators will work to match volunteers to requests.