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3 consultations currently open from Cardiff Council:

Cardiff Council Budget

Cardiff Council estimate that in 2023-24 delivering day-to-day services – including schools and social services, waste collection and parks – will coast an extra £75, because of price increases, inflation and demand pressures.

The Council is seeking to know what you think if its proposals to close the £23m budget gap.

Complete the Cardiff Council Budget Consultation Survey which is open until Sunday 29 January 2023

Cardiff Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

According to the consultation website:

Modernising Cardiff’s Intelligent Transport Systems, known as Intelligent Transport Systems, can help you:

  • Plan journeys easily across multiple modes by putting information directly into your hands to help optimise your route, avoid disruption, check accessibility options.
  • Enjoy a safe and vibrant City centre by restricting access dynamically to traffic in leisure areas and improving your access to dynamic parking availability data.
  • Avoid congestion and pollution trouble-spots by shifting traffic away dynamically from these.
  • Live in a healthier environment by restricting polluting vehicles access.
  • Access richer real time information and improved bus priority systems.​
  • Walk and cycle more safely by shifting traffic away from safe and pleasant cycling and walking routes and improving pedestrian and cyclist traffic light priority.

To deliver these benefits and many others, Cardiff Council has developed a Draft Intelligent Transport Systems Strategy which sets out our vision to 2030 and beyond. It will be key in realising the targets set out in the One Planet Cardiff and the Transport White Paper.

The Cardiff Intelligent Transport Systems Consultation is open until 31 January 2023

Roath Park Dam project

Roath Park Lake is a manmade reservoir, formed by a dam structure to the south and fed by the Nant Fawr. Cardiff Council is legally responsible for maintaining the publicly owned Roath Park Dam, and routine inspections are required under the Reservoirs Act (1975).

The latest inspection of the reservoir found that the dam’s spillway capacity would not be large enough to withstand a theoretical extreme flooding event and statutory works are now required.

View the Roath Park Dam project proposals and have you say by Monday 9 January 2023