Pop-up Church

The Parish of Radyr first ‘popped up’, in a gazebo, to celebrate Pentecost at the Radyr and Morganstown Festival Fete in Spring 2016. One of the aims in the Mission Action Plan is for the Church to be more of a presence in the life of the community. It’s a way of honouring community life – allowing the community to invite the Church in to what they are doing, rather than the other way round.
Flames of fire licked the four corners of the gazebo, orange, red and yellow streamers danced in the strong breeze from the canopy, creating an eye-catching display to attract passers-by, to experience the story of Pentecost. Anyone could have a go at making their own tongues of fire (streamers) to twirl, and the helpers were there to lend a hand, chat about church and answer questions. It was great fun and the children enjoyed twirling or rushing around with their streamers flying out behind them. We’ll be ‘popping up’ at other community events in the future, so why not come along and join in the fun?

Waiving Streamers at Pop up Church